Division Within The Church

The Egyptians Are Men and Not Gods and Their Horses Flesh and Not Spirit – Isaiah 31:2

Most have become confused by religious claims that make little sense in the face of a lack of evidence. Bit by bit the truth is being established and here is another piece of the religious puzzle.

Is This Not Dynamic Radical Political and Religious Thinking Which Has Proved to Be Revolutionary?

A highly significant and serious question arose among the disciples after Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. On various occasions, Jesus had been meeting with those whom he had called. They asked him, “Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” Jesus had been speaking about the kingdom of God. That was one vital central theme, and the disciples misinterpreted what he was teaching. They began to think along political lines. Israel had been overrun by Rome and Israel was under the power of Rome. These men were wondering if Jesus was going to overthrow the power of Rome and set Israel free from the authority of the Roman Empire. Jesus is so gentle and tactful with his men. They had been through a traumatic crushing time and would soon face even bigger giants than David did. Jesus promised his men power, but not political power to set people free. That never sets people free.

Revival Is Difficult to Define Because We Must Never Restrict the Moving of God the Holy Spirit!

Many are meeting together and praying together for revival but what exactly is revival? It can be difficult to define and the reason for that is because we can never box in Almighty God. For some time now there have been special Prayer Gatherings with the special and particular emphasis on praying for revival and renewal and spiritual awakening. Revival is God displaying the sovereignty of His grace, and usually at a time when the hearts of men are despondent and down. It is entirely a work of grace, but normally to waiting and expectant hearts, and to men and women who are praying and interceding and beseeching God to send new fresh and refreshing life.

Their Quiver Is an Open Sepulchre (Jeremiah 5:16)

The first arrows were fired against the world with the rise of the first beast, Ismal. His people built Babylon and Constantine was a descendant and the second beast of Revelation 13.

Religious Myths Are Destroying the World As World War III Looms

The religious myths born of Babylon have taken root and spread their tentacles worldwide as people fall down before their false gods to worship them. The real God is the Spirit of the Universe and that is the entity that few know or realise exists. As the end nears many will change their minds and for most it will be too late.

Grieving And Quenching The Holy Spirit

What is the role of the Holy Spirit? How does the Holy Spirit interact with Believers today?

St. Anthony Of Padua: The Patron Of Missing Persons And Lost Things

A quick look at the life and history of Saint Anthony. He is the patron saint of lost things and missing people.

Pews or Chairs for Your Church? How to Decide

The main three reasons we hear from churches today for choosing chairs over pews for their new facilities. If you are building or considering building as well, these will be of interest to you.

The Truth of Genesis: The Beast, The False Jesus, and The Rapture, Part 7A – When?

In this chapter, we are in about the year 2021 AD, at the end of the Great Tribulation. The first 1,260 days will be mild tribulation, and the next 1,290 days will be terrible, at least for those not sealed by the blood of the Lamb and the Holy Ghost of Yeshua.

Through The Wormhole: Theology

There’s been a lot of excellent science shows on television, many available on DVD and/or on YouTube. Carl Sagan’s Cosmos immediately comes to mind and MythBusters while highly entertaining has a lot of solid science content too. However, IMHO, the cream of the crop, the best of the best, has been the Through the Wormhole series hosted by actor Morgan Freeman. Each of the episodes examines one of those nebulous Big Questions. Here are the questions asked on topics associated with theology, and my personal opinions on each.

5 Ways Online Giving Benefits Your Church

Online giving is not for big churches only. Implementing an online tithing system comes with a number of benefits.

The Name of God Comes From Afar Burning With Anger (Isaiah 30:17)

Religions have misinterpreted the bible because of the false text in the New Testament. It was compiled by Jerome after Constantine established the Catholic Church in 325 AD.

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