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Prayer is Like an Oil That Has the Power to Heal

Many people have had enough exposure to Christianity to be inoculated against it. There is even anti-Christian propaganda in the intellectual world. In these circumstances, reaching these people is much more difficult than reaching those who have never heard of Jesus. Fortunately, the Church has a solution for this problem. Among the most effective methods for reaching this group of people is prayer. In a simple way, prayer is like an oil that has the power to heal.

Jesus began by calling people to him and appointing twelve apostles. These disciples were named James son of Zebedee, John the brother of James, Andrew, Philip and Bartholomew. One of them, Judas, was betrayed by the other eleven. These apostles were Jesus’ first followers. In the beginning, they were primarily concerned about their own well-being, but as time passed, they began to help the crowd.

The scribe who had listened to this debate asked Jesus to elaborate on his response. He replied that the commandment most important is: “Love your neighbor as yourself. Love the Lord with all your heart. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these.”

Nevertheless, it was not just the apostles who changed their beliefs. Other influential Christian figures were evangelists and missionaries. In fact, they were called “reverse missionaries”. These southern Christians rejected the subaltern position in the world as a field of mission and as the leaders of missions. These Christian leaders emphasized the spiritual strength of subaltern southerners and the knowledge of demonic forces among them.

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