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My Top 5 Reasons to Pray

Everyone I feel needs reasons to pray as it is very neglected in Christian circles. Here are 5 reasons I give.

Men of Vision in Nation Building

Vision is simply the power of sight, which is a function of the enlargement of an individual’s mind, resulting to one possessing a broader perspective and perception. It takes men of vision for the building of a nation to be possible. Men with a large heart and mind; and a broader look of things.

Evil Arrows 2

Yes, we were saying that the wicked shoot their arrows from the shadows. That is exactly what we read from that text in Psalm eleven, stanza two. They keep their evil activities from the knowledge or view of others; especially their victims.

Evil Arrows 1

Evil arrows are wicked, harmful demonic attacks aimed at a particular person or people to achieve a definite destructive purpose. Most times, they are launched spiritually, but the destructive effects will always be seen in the physical. They have been used not just to kill, but in some cases, to cause insanity, barrenness, broken marriages, loss of jobs, terrible (often incurable) sicknesses, and other manipulations.

Ritual Killings

Ritual Killing is the act of using fellow human beings to perform rites, sacrifices to appease demonic supernatural entities. People engage in this wicked activity to achieve different purposes. Some to renew their covenants with the demons.

My Top 5 Reasons to Read the Bible

No one it seems reads the Bible at home alone. Here are 5 reasons why you should.

Bangladesh – A Truly Secular Country

I am, and have always been, in the belief that Bangladesh and its people are not racist and their behaviour towards any minority group is not for what they follow or believe in, but more on the individual relationship that is involved. Since independence Bangladesh has claimed to be a secular country when it comes to religion. And in fact to a greater extent it was able to maintain that standing.

Why Buddhism is a Peaceful Religion – Five Distinctions

These distinctions are confined only to Buddhism, as far as I know, and as such may seem to be a separation from other religions. But when they are viewed in the context of sane, compassionate human development, where our values include loving and understanding each other, they can be applied universally to almost any religion that is the least bit open-minded.

What Does “Justification by Faith” Mean?

“Justification by faith” sounds like gobbledygook, but it is not actually hard to understand. And since it is the central tenet of Christianity, understanding it is worth a few minutes of reflection.

You Can Speak to Me and I to You If You Seek Me With All Your Heart Says the Lord – Jeremiah 29:13

Many people know what Jeremiah 29:11 says and can quote it without me posting it, but only 1 in 10 Christians can speak to God and have Him speak back to them. God says that the people will find Him if they seek with all their heart though, so what does He mean by all their heart?

The Relational Leadership Revolution

We live in the most exciting relational leadership revolution era in the history of human kind. With over a billion people now online, a critical mass of the world’s population has emerged. Cyber-connections now cross ethnic, national and religious barriers. The people have been set free to talk, relate and care about each other. And in talking with each other they are now free to speak and form powerful collaborative relationships. For centuries, those with power have controlled public opinion with rigid hierarchical structures and propaganda.

Jerusalem Soon to Be a City Without Walls – Zechariah 2:4-5

There is coming a future day of glory of the Jews and for the people of Israel. The Lord Jesus is soon to come back with his Father and set up camp and rule. Let us have a little look at these scriptures.

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