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Religious Covenants Are Formally Binding: The Contrary Opinion Overturns Biblical Doctrine

Promises, without an obligation to fulfill them, vows, without an obligation to pay them, oaths, without an obligation to perform them, and covenants, without an obligation to keep them, are monsters both in divinity, and in morals, which are created by this more monstrous opinion. It is also the native import of this doctrine, that Christians are under no other obligation to duty, after they have promised, vowed and sworn unto the Lord, or covenanted with him, than they were before they engaged in these solemn and holy transactions.

Get Ready For Christening The Right Way

One of the most important occasions in every man’s life is his or her christening or dedication for protestant churches and also baptism for Catholic Church’s faith, though different from terms but it has the same meaning and essence which is to offer the child to Christ and follow the path of God. That is why; this event should not be belittled for such important event happens only once in a lifetime that is if you will not convert your faith in the later years. After the delivery of the child from the mother’s womb, the second thought that…

Eight Spiritual Gifts From The Bible Book Of Ephesians That Will Work to Empower The Christian

This article is the author’s attempt to better enable Christians to understand that being a Christian is firstly, and primarily, contingent not on their own merits or abilities, but on the wonderful, gracious and generous gifts that God bestows on every soul of man that will surrender him or her self to the faith of Jesus. This understanding is what the Apostle Peter referred to as “growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and takes the focus off a performance based relationship with God, to a relationship based in extreme gratitude for the goodness that God bestows to all who by faith abide in Christ Jesus.

2012 – The End of the Age

Is 2012 going to be the end of the world? What is all the fuss about? Get the facts here.

What Price Would You Pay?

Modern films often jump forward and back in time in what are called flashbacks. Some movies actually start off in the last scene and then revert to the beginning to show how all the events have lead up to the final scene.

Awestruck and Humbled – A Short Story

Driving up I-5 I was awestruck gazing to the east at the majestic Cascade Mountains. The view of the mountains was crisp and clear. You could see every detail in vivid color. The air was fresh and spread a sweet fragrance with every breeze.

Imagine a World

Imagine, for just one moment, a world where there is no focus on things to come, no fear, no threat of Heaven or hell, no negative stigma surrounding passing from this life. Imagine a world where there is nothing left to do but simply “Live” luxuriating in each precious moment.

Reality of Buddhism

Does Buddhism have a really great power to make all people follow? Or do people have their own instincts to make their lives more meaningful?

Once Saved Always Saved – A Dangerous Doctrine

Once saved always saved is an unbiblical and a dangerous doctrine. Scripture is clear we are to be sure of our salvation, but is it possible to turn away from God? Yes. And now more than ever it’s our job to present the biblical evidence against this fallacious and hazardous teaching.

The Evolution of Mind (GOD)

The God Particle (Boson Higgs) Microvita are all a part of the same transformation. Social movement will fall in line with the outlook that all existence is a cycle from ‘Mind’, Energy and Matter and then return. That devotional life is a gift from God freed from the archaic restraint of dogma bound religion and the limitations of scientific materialism. Our survival as a species may depend upon it even though our immortal souls continue to circle that Great Nucleus in the cosmic Cycle…

Behind the Progress of China

China is in its greatest progress right now. How did the people there make their country rise up from poverty?

Is Jesus the Only Way of Salvation?

Indeed there are genuine and rational concerns even within the Christian church. One of the major concerns is: What about those who lived before Jesus Christ? How can He be their savior? The Bible gives an answer to this question. God created man. After man had sinned God introduced a way to bring man back into relationship again.

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