Do You Want To Walk On Water Or Not? The Choice Is Yours! Look At This Evidence Of God!

The Fathering Spirit

Far too many Christians have suffered the results of abandonment, divorce, sexual abuse and anything else that would keep their earthly father from having the impact on their lives that God intended. This article will benefit many who are in that situation.

When God Seems Absent and His Glory Gone

Do you ever feel that God is absent from you? None of us ever likes to admit there are times when we have a hard time finding God. The truth is that, even in the most saintly people, there are sometimes vacant places in the heart when God seems far away. All of us like to know where God is at all times. In these troubled and threatening times, our restless hearts keep looking for some evidence that God is still in control of the world.

Jesus T-Shirts – Brief Lines About Jesus T-Shirts

Through the use of cool Jesus t-shirt, team members can quietly and effectively announce their team and represent their Lord. Who knows, maybe that will open a door to share the Good News.

Presidential Processions, Purpose and the Royal Call of God

How far does God’s grace extend? A moving picture from World War II as two friends seek to bury a fallen soldier; what we can learn from Vice President Joe Biden’s Pittsburgh procession; what causes angels to throw a party, and why God’s grace bids us to come home because we have been created with unlimited potential.

Are You a Rockstar Or a Praise and Worship Leader?

A praise and worship leader must be a servant, not a star, but must also couple their onstage praise and worship leader presentation with genuine leadership skills as they manage and arrange the band and singer. Many who start with good intentions can be seduced by the whole experience, so as a praise and worship leader it is always good to stop and examine your heart as you serve in this area.

God’s Love Shown to His Church – The Ekklesia by Way of the New Birth

God shows his Love toward us, The Church, or as the Greek’s would call us, his ecclesia, by giving us a new birth. It is the first birth or the birth from the flesh that prevents any individual from pleasing God. The scriptures plainly tells us that the man born of the flesh cannot please God.

Christian Encouragement For a Crisis of Faith

A crisis of faith. Spiritually things just don’t seem to add up. You might question if God is really there. You start to question your faith and feel afraid.

Journey to Our Century – Music

Christian music is still a tough and sensitive subject in the Church. Here’s what happened to me…

How I Was Killed by a Virus!

There were over one hundred people in the church service that day, and yet it felt as if the place was empty. Somehow I briefly had a thought; my time had not yet come, because as I entered that building it felt like a glacial, like I was walking into a giant igloo. A few faces turned to look at me; I walked quietly into a bench In the middle of the church. Nobody said hello, nobody raised his head to acknowledge my presence, is like a ghost had walked into the place, I was totally invisible.

Do You Know God’s Will For Your Life?

A series of progressive questions with scriptural answers to each, to help lead people to a clear but simple understanding of God’s will. Some reasons are given as to the stumbling blocks faced that deter many from seeing that will and consequently from following their God given mandate.

The Influence of the Biblical Model of Government on the Declaration of Independence

Exodus chapter 18 verses 13 and following speaks of the Biblical formula for choosing leaders to judge the people. Emphasizing small local government, the importance of standards of character in the leaders, the importance of basing justice on Biblical law, and representative government.

Tick-Tock – America’s on Borrowed Time

Judgment- A divine sentence or decision; specifically: a calamity held to be sent by God. In the book of Isaiah, the prophet warned Israel of the coming judgment against their nation.

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