Does Holy Spirit Have Your Attention And Affection?

Saint Cecilia, Virgin And Martyr

Cecilia was born of a noble Roman family, all of whom had embraced Our Lord Jesus and our Church. She was beautiful outside as well as inside, all through her life. She was a perfect example of a fine Christian girl, and was a tremendous influence on everyone she came in contact with. She had a great love for Jesus, and vowed her virginity to Him. She asked for protection from anyone or anything that would jeopardize her virginity.

Two Prosperity Gospel Myths To Avoid

Prosperity gospel teachers and preachers thrive on lifting Bible verses out of context and preying on the vulnerable, greedy, and ignorant. Their doctrine is popular in North America because it focuses on the worldly trinity of me, myself, and I–me-centered Christianity. It is spreading rapidly elsewhere, for the same reasons.

America and Its Issue of Blood

The number of violent crimes in America is on a steady incline. What is the root cause and what can your church do to stop “America’s Issue of Blood”?

The Backsliding Israel: Are They Any Different From the Church of the West?

All through the prophetic books we see the LORD God Almighty speaking to His people through prophets that were called by God. The LORD sometimes speaks soothing words, and sometimes He roars like the Lion of Judah at them. Whilst we are this side of the cross and the wrath of God was poured out on Jesus for our current nations, I wonder how much we are like the ancient Israel? Consider this verse.

Pleasant Abominations For The Heart

The human conundrum is a riddle without answer, barring the LORD. Our nature is enigmatic and we can’t work it out without God. Our sin is a mystery to us that we can’t unravel devoid of the ALMIGHTY. As is explained by the process of Bunyan, herein, God gives us trials of the heart, abominations to our pride and self-sufficiency, in order that those very things will drive us back to Divine Good.

The Vultures Are Gathering Once Again

f somebody owes you £1,000 which you know you will never see and somebody else comes along and offers you £100 to ‘buy’ the debt you would probably accept the offer and think yourself lucky that you have recovered £100 of the debt. This is exactly what the vulture funds did.

What Is the Sacred Wheel of Time in the Catholic Liturgical Year?

The entire calendar year’s events occurs in cycles especially with Christmas and Easter. Learn that there are 12 days of Christmas and 50 days of Easter in their respective seasons within the liturgical calendar.

Where Does the Pope Live and How Does He Become a Pope?

Just like the election of a president of the United States, have you ever wondered how a pope is elected to the office of the papacy? The election of a man of the cloth to the position of pope occurs every time a preceding pope passes away. Learn how Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict.

A Little About What Heaven Is Like

One of my favourite books to read is a book about a person’s account of what heaven is like from that person’s visit to heaven in a vision or visions. I just love to read about heaven. I have been to heaven on a number of occasions, and so I thought I would write a short article about some of my visits and what I have seen. I have also had people and animals from heaven visit me on earth, and so I have a little idea. I do not have enough for a book, but I have enough to give you a little peek.

Easter Videos for Church – Church Media Your Congregation Needs to See

Easter is such an important holiday in the Christian faith, and Easter videos for church are becoming more common as congregations recognize the impact videos can have within a congregation. Easter is such a fun holiday because everyone is excited about coming to church on Easter Sunday.

A Year of Manifestation (6)

Praise God! The manifestation has already started. Are you not seeing it? Our God is faithful. He will be with you. He has said that He would forever stand by His word. Now, can we please make few comments on the argument Moses had with God, as He was trying to send him to the ‘Mission Egypt’.

Exit Stage Left, The Exodus

Once upon a time various authors compiled a volume of pseudo historical fairy tales (minus the fairies), some chapters more pseudo than others. We call that volume of tales today The Bible. One of the most pseudo chapters IMHO is the tale told in the Biblical Book of Exodus – an interesting work of fiction, but hardly history.

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