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Other Truths That Faith Sees

We are saved by faith, but faith is not our Saviour. Christ alone is our salvation. What faith does is that it sees and grasps precious gospel truths. For example, faith sees that Christ in His perfect righteousness lived on our behalf as our substitute. Faith sees him obeying His Father unswervingly. Faith sees Him delighting to render perfect submission to the will of God as if He were us.

Signs We’d Like To See In Church

Driving down the highway, whether paved or Internet, I often see signs that I think might “preach” to God’s people. Here are three.

Of Christian Foundations

Are there apostles today? Do they have the same authority as first century apostles? Are their “words” binding on today’s church? Questions being debated throughout the church. Here are my conclusions.

Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino

Cebu’s historical Basilica Minore del Santo Nino is the oldest Catholic Church in Cebu. Located at the heart of downtown Cebu, the Basilica is a house of prayer and pilgrimage to hundreds of thousands of people each year. It houses the image of the Santo Nino, a representation of Jesus as a black Holy Child.

Visions Of Saint Mary Magdalene De Pazzi

One day, while praying in the garden of the Convent with the other religious, Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi became enraptured in ecstasy and saw before her the pits of Purgatory opening. She later shared that she heard a voice, beckoning her to follow and witness the pain, the Poor Souls in Purgatory had to endure. The voice explained this was so that when she prayed for them, she would pray relentlessly and compassionately.

The Festival Of Lights Is Just A Few Days Away

Diwali is one among the biggest festivals in the festival calendar of India. The festival involves so many traditions and rituals and fun that people anxiously waits for the calendar to turn faster for the arrival of the D-day.

The UN Showdown in the Plan of God

At first glance, the proposed U.N. vote on Palestinian membership appears to be a tenuous plan that could risk everything for the Palestinians. So what is the real reason it is being offered, and how might this significant U.N. event align with God’s end-times plan? This article explains.

Christian Community And The Way Of Life

If you want to become a part of the Christian community you need to first understand the basics of Christianity. You may be wondering as to how to start on the new path to become a true Christian.

Our Need of the Sin Bearer

Our greatest need is for a sin-bearer. If you are caught in the trap of looking to your faith to save you then you have no Saviour. Our faith cannot be our sin-bearer: it is too weak and incomplete. Faith can neither take away the guilt of sin nor accomplish a wrath offering for sin. Faith cannot pay the penalty of sin, it cannot wash away the accusing guilt of sin nor can it provide, in itself, the righteousness we need.

Faith Is Not Our Foundation

Faith is not the foundation of our salvation, rather it brings us to that foundation and keeps us there grounded and settled. It’s so easy for the best of us to be moved away from the hope of the gospel. This is why the gospel driven believer delights to continually hear the gospel for he knows that, by nature, he is a subjectivist who will stray from finished work truth at the first given opportunity. We, all of us, tend to gravitate back to our default mode of Law and moralistic thinking.

When You Need to Connect to the Intelligence

Are you getting what you ask for in prayers and meditation practices? Do you seek a little bit more? Are you starting to doubt yourself and all that is around you? Are you questioning yourself, your faith?

Cross Necklaces – The History and How Wearing Religious Jewelry Can Express Your Christian Devotion

The history of cross necklaces used to display Christian devotion can be traced back at least to the 2nd century. Tertullian, a great Church Father, described the faithful Christian followers as cross devotees. And, it was noted that it was the center of the Christian’s life.

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