Doing Some Street Ministry In Mississippi Today

How to Lead a Worship Team in Your Church

Learning how to lead a worship band is one of the more challenging parts of being a praise and worship leader. Your congregation and Pastor may see you up there every Sunday singing, playing and hopefully being an inspirational praise and worship leader, but this is only a small part of the overall challenge of how to lead a worship team.

Where is the Location of Vatican II?

It began with a question from a friend, “I know where the Vatican is in Rome…but where is Vatican II?” What a great and profound question. I let him know that it is not a physical location as much as it is a set of ideas. Yet in many cases it remains a destination that the Vatican itself has yet to reach.

The Fascinating History and Powerful Message of Saint Patrick’s Day

While leprechauns are ubiquitous, children are regaled with tales of banishing snakes, and adults sit back to drink green beer, the truth is that Saint Patrick suffered much, inspired much and taught the world some of the most timeless principles about love and life. Saint Patrick (385-461 A.D.) was taken into slavery as a teenager…

Soliciting God to Answer Prayers

Do you have un-answered prayer, one that you have prayed for for a long time but there is no answer not even a sign that there will be one? I have been there and so have scores of people recorded in the Bible; but the question remains, what do you do when you have prayed, believed and acted by faith and no answer is forthcoming from God?

Biblical Children Games to Play For Easter at Church

If you have been searching for biblical children games to play for Easter at church, consider that there are a number of simple and easy ideas that can energize any group of young people. Since Easter is one of the few opportunities we have to minister to children who may have never attended church before, we want to make this an enjoyable and memorable experience for them.

There Was Nothing Wrong With Their Will Power But a Lot Wrong With Their Won’t Power!

Witnesses are being called in to support what was being said and taught. Jesus Christ has been accused of sacrilege and blasphemy and we read of this in John Chapter 5 in the New Testament. Jesus has called upon the testimony of John the Baptist and evidence of the miracles and now he calls upon God his Father. This is not an intellectual problem. It is a problem of the will. You are not willing to believe. You are willing not to believe.

Religion – A Small Scale Industry

Religion is nothing but the various aspects of the relationship between man and God. But one thing stands clear: in this relationship, God is always the initiator. God is the creator of man, with whom only he enters into a special conscious relationship called religion. It is God who calls man to this kind of relationship. It is the dynamics of God’s call and man’s response that establishes religion.

Africa’s Religious Sensitivity – A Boost to Small Scale Industries

In the recent past, people have made a discovery by thinking that religion is a means of making material profit. There are thousands of religious groups today parading themselves as the real representatives of God on earth, but which are brought to birth by the greed and material pursuit of their founders and leaders.

Katharine Drexel and the Native Americans

From Saints and Other Powerful Women in the Church, Katharine Drexel begins her walk serving Native Americans. The Lord, not allowing too much time for grieving, sent two Catholic missionaries to the Drexel home.

LDS Gospel Art Book – A Family Home Evening Must Have and Mormon Artwork

Recently the Mormon church has developed a new gospel art book, not necessarily to replace the old gospel art kit but to simplify things. The gospel art kit was hundreds of pictures and photos to represent different doctrines or ideas unique to the Mormon faith.

Unbelievable Great Movement by Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa to End Prostitution From Whole World

Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa (DSS) is a true spiritual organization having its head office at Sirsa, Haryana of India. The organization is headed and run by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. The organization has its branches all over India and abroad in US, UK, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Italy, Doha Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Canada, Germany, Japan etc… whole of the world.

The Spirit in the Church Today, Part 26

In so many churces to which Paul ministered there are vital instructions regarding our life in the Spirit. Should these teachings not be coming to us today? Where is the supernatural lifestyle in the Western church? Actually there are growing answers to that question. Don’t miss out…

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