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Why Christians Claim to Be God’s Messengers

Christians have argued for the existence of God for thousands of years. But today, many people have experienced Christianity so much that they have become inoculated against it. In addition, they’re subjected to anti-Christian propaganda from the media and from intellectual circles. The result? It’s more difficult to reach these people than those who’ve never heard of Jesus. If you’re interested in understanding the roots of Christianity, here are some reasons why Christians claim to be God’s messengers.

Jesus called his followers to follow him, and appointed twelve apostles to follow him. The apostles were called to preach the gospel to people. Jesus called them to his apostleship, and appointed them as his emissaries. They were James the son of Zebedee, John the brother of James, Andrew, and Peter, and Simon the Canaanite. Jesus later betrayed Judas, and the twelve apostles began their mission.

In the New Testament, Jesus walked in the flesh and ate with the disciples. He then withdrew to the sea, where he was followed by a large crowd. Many came to see him, and some even claimed to be healed. However, others say these gifts are just a means to help them spread the gospel. The apostles were used by God to teach and heal others. Throughout the Bible, God gave each of us a specific ability or gift to help us.

The power of Jesus to heal people is one of the most prominent aspects of Christian life. Jesus attributed miraculous healings to our faith, and often said, “faith has made me well.” This phrase places emphasis on our disposition and on the power of the Lord. Healing, in other words, is an encounter between God’s power and our receptivity to it. And it isn’t just the Christians who experience this power; it is the whole world.

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