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Is the Holy Spirit a Distinct Person From God the Father?

The word for spirit in the Hebrew is ruach and in the Greek is pneuma and both mean ‘wind.’ Both of these words are neither masculine nor feminine. They are what we call neuter terms. That means that the Spirit is an it or what not a who. Read Numbers 11:17. However, the Spirit is NOT an impersonal force.

Which Bibles Are True and Which Ones Are False?

You can read the same Bible verse in different Bibles and get totally different interpretations. This might not be very helpful if you’re trying to learn about Christianity. It doesn’t make any sense to confuse people who are interested in learning about this particular religion, or does it.

Anyone Can Find the Truth in the Bible

Henry Ford said something one time that really didn’t make a lot of sense to me earlier in my life, only to make plenty of sense later. He said something like,” Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right either way.”

Taking the Bible Out of Context

If you’ve never taken the time to read the Holy Bible, but consider yourself a Christian follower, I would like to make a suggestion that will guide you through your Christian faith a little bit easier. Start reading the Bible and stop spending so much time watching television.

Does the Answer to the World’s Problems Lie in Christianity?

What would you say, if I could tell you a way to solve all of the world’s problems and I believe that it lies in the Holy Bible? Would you need to feed your curiosity monster and find out exactly what I’m talking about or do you even care?

The Most Amazing Bible Passage Ever – Matthew 18:19

I’m not going to show you the Bible verse, you can easily look it up on the Internet or in your Bible. I’m here to tell you that the most amazing Bible passage ever, is written in the New Testament and this is it.

Billy Graham Chose to Believe in the Bible

One of my favorite things to do is watch biographies about famous people and listen to stories about people’s lives that are interesting. Billy Graham is obviously one of those people. While watching a biography on him, I learned something about him that seemed fascinating.

Tell Me the Truth About the Bible

When you stand up in court, the bailiff will ask you to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God and if you agree, they will take your testimony in faith. I’m not going to give you information that will lead you down a life of faith, I’m going to give you the truth about the Bible, if you can take it.

Hebrew Prerequisite For Studying Torah

The Torah (first five books of the Bible) has so many revealing instructions and teachings, but to truly gain an in depth understanding it is good to read them in Hebrew. Sometimes the translations do not give a good interpretation.

Torah Required For Church Leaders

Creator told Moses to put the book of the Law in the ark of the covenant of the Lord our God, so that it would be there for a witness against us in the latter days. He said evil would befall us in the end times, and it appears that evil may soon reach its peak. Then all “hell” will break loose according to prophesy in the book of Revelation. Deuteronomy 31:26-29, Revelation 8, Revelation 15.

Looking For Hope?

Regardless of where the economy is, and regardless of what the news reports say, good or bad, you don’t have to lose hope. You can have hope even in these trying times. There is hope!

What Color Was Jesus’ Hair?

This question has been causing confusion for centuries with religious and biblical scholars. You yourself have probably thought about this perplexing question and discuss it regularly with your friends at Bible study.

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