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How To Be Sure Of Your Calling

Many in the church don’t know if they have any calling at all or how to identify their calling. Others who know they are called don’t know for certain what exactly they aee called to do in the church. Here are some practical tips to guide every true seeker to know and focus on his/her calling for more effective

Sodom, True Believers, and End-Time Models

Why didn’t Jewish scribes edit out unsavoury biblical passages? Jewish patriarch Lot in Sodom offered his two virgin daughters as sex sops to a baying mob who wanted his visitors instead. Absolutely appalling! Were his daughters willing? When his (angelic) visitors told Lot Sodom’s time was up and they must leave immediately his obedient daughters went with him into an uncertain future leaving the luxury of Sodom and their engaged partners (who wouldn’t come) behind. Later the girls got Lot drunk and became pregnant to him, producing two sons in order to maintain the family line. Also appalling! Among the descendants of Lot and his daughters was Jesus Christ. Jesus used the example of Lot and his daughters in fleeing the luxury and immorality of Sodom as a worthy example for people in the end times who will also have to jump and run at short notice.

Peacock Feathers And Religion

The peacock is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Their bright and colourful feathers make them a beloved bird in many cultures. The stunning beauty of peacock feathers has captivated humans for quite some time.

Trumping Tests, Trials and Temptations

Tests, trials, and temptations are the opportunities we need that prove our mettle. We cannot find evidence for transformation unless we’ve experienced it. We need opportunities to trump our tests, trials, and temptations. And even if we fail our tests, are overwhelmed by our trials, or are weakened into submitting to our temptations, we have hope in the next opportunity, and the next, and so on. God is faithful; he will give us more opportunities in order to grow.

Jesus And The UPS Guy

If you’re living a carnal lifestyle, thinking that eventually you’ll get it together and take your eternity seriously and live for Jesus, your timing could be dead wrong. And there is nothing as desolate as the realization that you missed your one opportunity to be with Him, because when He’s come and gone, He’s gone.

Thinking the Fear of Hell Can Save

Whey fear cannot be used to motivate people into religion. A story from my youth and the implications for today.

The Story of Your Life

I often drive by the Boeing plant in Everett, WA. They say it is the largest building on the planet, by volume.

Explore Christianity

Many people I know think Christianity is for the weak, the simple minded, the superstitious, or the poor. Marx called it the “opium of the people” implying that the only way to numb the pain of a wretched existence is to conjure up a fantasy where all the troubles of today are no more.

Dorothy We’re Not in Kansas, Christians We’re Not in the OT

“We are not in the Old Testament anymore.” If I was asked about the one thing that is most commonly unknown to the Christian community, especially descendants of the 19th century Holiness movement, like Russian Pentecostals, it would be this statement.

Stop Bringing the World Into the Church!

In the last four years of serving in youth ministry I have had ample experiences trying to incorporate some new idea into ministry. By something new, I don’t mean an open bar or stripper poles but a different order of worship, new musical styles/instruments, changed missional focus and etc.

Tacky Christian (Chain) Messages

Have you ever been sent an email telling you that you need to fwd it to all of your friends or Hotmail will close your account leaving you a friendless leper in the digital wasteland? Or been sent “proof” that Obama is a secret Muslim, hell-bent on sending all Christians to concentration camps?

The Spirit Only Interrupts, Never Plans?

“Jesus, we have a schedule for today’s service, but we ask your Spirit to take over and run your own program.” I have heard this petition to God more times than I can remember.

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