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The Common Beliefs of Christianity

Christianity has a great variety of different beliefs and practices. But all Christians have a common belief in the work of Jesus Christ and his followers.


The early church began with the belief that Christ’s death atoned for the sins of humans. Initially this belief was based on the teachings of Paul, who said that Adam’s original sin brought the punishment of death into the world and Christ’s death acquitted them from the penalty.

Casting Out Demons

The Church also believed that demons were a real presence in the human psyche and that people could be affected by them, particularly when their souls were not under the control of the Holy Spirit. This was a very serious concern and Christians believed that they must seek to rid themselves of these demonic forces so that they would not be influenced by them in their daily lives.

Healing The Sick

The church believed that the Lord Jesus Christ was the only one who had the power to heal the sick. The Church also believed that when someone was healed by Christ, they were a witness to their own faith and to the reality of the Kingdom of God.

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