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What Is Christianity?

Christianity is a religion that believes that Jesus is the Son of God, and that He died to atone for all the sins of the world. Christians believe that Jesus died to restore all people to relationship with God, and to give them eternal life in heaven.

Christians practice several different ways to worship their God: Liturgical (formal) – a service led by a priest; Non-Liturgical (informal) – a more casual service in which people can pray with their families and others. They also believe that the Holy Spirit is present in the church and speaks to them.


Christians believe that when a person is saved, God takes away the guilt of sin from them and he frees them from the power of Satan and all evil forces. This is done by Christ’s death and resurrection, which atones for the original sin of Adam and Eve and removes the sinner from the power of Satan.

Casting out demons

The gospels contain many accounts of Jesus casting out demons and healing the sick. Most of these are not extremely detailed and often there is no description given.

During the times when Jesus and his followers were in Rome, there was widespread persecution of them. Romans saw them as a threat to their authority and they were killed, tortured, and imprisoned for their faith.

The Christian community believed that healings were a powerful way to declare the power of Christ’s kingdom on earth and to demonstrate His Lordship over all creation. Even when they took place through people who did not claim to be spiritually gifted or able, these healings were considered to be miraculous and no one could deny that they occurred.

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