Don’t Go Looking For Demons!

Why is the Church Concerned With Freemasonry?

Masonry and the church, have a love hate relationship. There is no denying this. Although the Masonic order has an unspecific view on religion, per se, many Masons are devout believers of one religion or another.

Israelites Have Forgotten Who They Are

How many of the ancient Israelites of the scattered House of Israel are currently assimilated into Christian or Moslem churches? It appears that no one knows for sure.

The Great Bible Deception

By the end of the first century, the New Testament had been completed and distributed among the churches in Sardis, Laodicea, Philadelphia, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, and the largest concentration in Antioch. These were the letters (epistles) and Gospels written by the Apostles and Luke the physician. The language used to write these letters and epistles was the common Greek language of the day.

Signs of the Times – A Biblical Point of View

No civilization in the history of the world has ever survived the vices of blasphemy, perversion, anarchy. If our country were to do so it would break the precedent of history and become the first. But that will not happen. With God, justice delayed does not mean justice denied.

The Hanukkah Dreidel and Its Meaning

It is rare that I question the accepted origins of a Jewish custom, but the Dreidel, Yiddish for a top, seems altogether mysterious to me. As I think back to elementary school when I first heard the explanation as to why we spin these things around on Hanukkah, I remember I was in first grade, so I didn’t really protest.

Bad Things Happen to Good People – Understanding the Concept

The streets are dangerous, our own houses are dangerous, and the work place is dangerous as well. So where can we find safety, especially during those unpredicted moments?

Dispensationalism – Who Started This Doctrine, What Does it Teach, and How Does Orthodoxy View it?

Dispensationalism is a theological scheme of interpretation of events in the New Testament. Its origin as generally atยญtributed to John Darby, an ex Anglican bishop who left the Church of England in Ireland. He joined a legalistic, Old-Testament-Oriented group known as the Plymouth Brethren movement; and was instrumental in its early development. It was in that atmosphere, in the late 19th Century, that his curious theology emerged. Among the many notions advanced by Darby are the following:

Single Issue Christian Organizations

Instead, single issue causes, in the name of Christianity, have given many a sense of doing good and being involved in a worthwhile cause. I know that many of these causes are legitimate and worthwhile.

2 Corinthians 5:17 – A Commentary on New Life in Christ

Discover the full meaning of 2 Corinthians 5:17. We who are in Christ are a new creation. No longer are we subject to sin, sickness, poverty, and all those curses.

The Emphasis at Ephesus – Reflections on Acts 20:36-28

He had done it again. The great Apostle had just delivered another one of his spontaneous, divinely inspired exhortations to the leaders of the Ephesian church. This in itself was nothing new. It is simply what Paul did, and this one, like all the others, was another home run. Yet there was something different about this moment that made it about much more than just a rhetorical reflection on Paul’s legacy among the elders of this great church and his charge to them to uphold the truth. This was about much more than right theology, authentic ministry, confronting error, and faithfulness to the gospel. This was about community…this was about friendship…this was about loss.

What If it Turns Out There is No Heaven

You hear this again and again everywhere and sometimes you cannot help but wander; does heaven really exist? I’d rather ask; what do I stand to gain or loose if it does or doesn’t? Which wrong choice would have a more terrible outcome?

Adrift Or Purpose Led?

A subtle drift is taking place in our culture and the institutional church today. More and bigger is the obsession of our culture. What is the controlling interest? Why not the “Monday World” focus” and get the “salt” out of the “saltshaker?”

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