Don’t Let the Culture Sink Your Morals

Parshat Mikeitz – The Blessing in the Curse

What blessing could there possibly be in being chucked into a pit by your brothers? What blessing could there possibly be in being sold into slavery? What blessing could one ever find in being estranged from a beloved father? How could you ever possibly find blessing in wrongful imprisonment?

Lessons From an Amusement Park

We are judged in this world by how we relate to other people. Unfortunately so many people selfishly just enter into the world and step on anything and everything in their paths to get what they feel like they deserve.

Parshat Bo – Because We’re Jews

In just a matter of months after the most glorious departure in the history of the world, the Jewish people are going to be trapped in a desert and starving. They’re going to start whining that it really stinks for them that they’re hungry in a desert, when they used to eat their full in Egypt. A sad commentary on human priorities. We would rather be trapped in abject slavery, beaten, battered, threatened, and slaughtered… but with readily available food, then inching closer to a life of endless personal and spiritual freedom, with a prerequisite period of discomfort and suffering.

Why the Christian Community Should Support the Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Christians should be ones that stand up for the rights of all people and fight all discrimination, whether they agree morally or religiously with those individuals or not. It is almost comical to hear some American Christians talk about the discrimination they face and then turn around and try to discriminate against others.

Glass House Syndrome

Have you ever heard the phrase people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? Maybe your more familiar with what Jesus said he that is without sin cast the first stone (John 8:7). Before you begin to attack or find fault in others examine yourself first. Imagine a family of people that keep their house dirty but they tell all of their neighbors to keep their house clean.

Taking Vs Giving

This article is on the eighth commandment. Are we doing what is commanded by God? Or are we living by the world’s rules?

The Most Famous Bible Verse

For years, people have seen a sign with a reference to this verse while watching a football game on TV. Florida Gators 2007 Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Tim Tebow, had this printed on his eye black during the 2009 BCS championship. While it is one of the most widely quoted verses from the Christian Bible, and has been called the most famous Bible verse, one part of the verse confuses some people.

The Eternal Nature of God

This article may very well be a lesson in futility. Trying to comprehend the eternal nature of God is very much like a squirrel trying to comprehend aerodynamics. Just give me a nut, will you?

Why You Don’t Want a God You Can Completely Understand

I hear all the time from people that until they understand God, they won’t believe either Him or in Him. I have a question for them: Why would you want such a God? There is a very, very good reason you would not.

Crush the Devil – Can You Achieve This?

Christians sing songs with sentences such as crush the devil; flatten him, destroy him, etc, and you see them stamping their feet hard on the ground as if they are treading on him. They do this with all seriousness. Can the devil be crushed or influenced in any way by doing this?

How Well Christian Websites Portray the Love of God?

Most of us suffer while on this earth because we do not fully comprehend love of God. If you can catch a glimpse of the quality and character of God’s love, you will not suffer. Because even in suffering God still loves you and is with you. If you do not make his presence real to you, it is painful. Do Christian Websites help us realize this?

Why Do Christian Websites Help in Money Making Ventures

Wealth in all forms has played a role as security for the all cultures and society from the beginning of the world. Man becomes powerful and strong with wealth. The status of a human is often weighed and established through the strength of his wealth. Real estates, properties, business and valuable possession are the means to establish wealth. Christian Websites may enable this kind of creating wealth.

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