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How To Avoid Ministry Burnout

I’ve been involved in Children’s Ministry for over 30 years and one of the reasons I’ve kept at it for so long is I’ve maintained a proper perspective. On Sunday mornings, when I’m standing before the children, my attitude is “I can’t believe I get to do this every week.” There have been periods when I stood there with the attitude “I can’t believe I have to do this every week.” Those times were the low spots when I was self-absorbed and not others oriented. This article looks at how to avoid burnout in ministry.

My Favorite Jewish Holiday

It is one of the most frequently asked questions, if not THE most frequently asked question, that I receive from my non-Jewish friends: which one of the seemingly-endless list of Jewish holidays is my favorite. When I was younger (pre-Bar Mitzvah), I undoubtedly argued it was Chanukkah. After all, the majority of my friends were Christian, and therefore for most of them the favorite holiday was Christmas.

How Backsliding Occurs

Many Christians start off the Christian race with strong passion and commitment. But along the line they may find themselves unable to maintain consistent fellowship with God. Eventually, they may give up and shrink back from the faith. How does this occur?

Make Sermons On James: A Good Source of Practical Christian Living

The book of James is probably the most questionable books in the Scripture, but perhaps the best books about the sensible meaning of trust. It is usually advisable to go through 1st a minimum of this quick track record about this book to better understand it. This may supply you with a more deeply understanding as you make sermons from the book of James.

God Is Not a Good American – God Will Not Allow Religious Pluralism

In an effort to manufacture unity out of the disunity of thought in America a doctrine of tolerance, which regards all ideas equally, has been taught through the government schools, media, and other government institutions…This attitude is so pervasive that many who consider themselves a Christian have accepted the doctrine of pluralism.

Zombie: Walk of the Living Dead

We are born into strife and sin. Is there a way to escape the living death we are fated to?

How Mediation Helps Resolve Conflict Between Church Members

Even though church members are united by the same religious faith, they are as likely to find themselves embroiled in a conflict as anybody else. When their pastor does not have sufficient conflict resolution skills, bringing in a professional mediator can be a good idea.

The Relationship Between Easter And Passover

Just as Christians are preparing for Easter, Jews are preparing for The Passover. While Christians understand the suffering and triumph that is remembered during Easter, they may not realize that during The Passover, Jews are also remembering suffering and triumph.

What Does Pastor Rob Bell And Spirituality Have To Do With Sustainability?

Pastor Rob Bell calls it “The Theology Of Evacuation”. I call it “The Bad Tenant Philosophy”. Either way, our belief that we should get out of the world instead of being present in it results in unsustainable ideas and policy.

Contemporary Worship With Depth

Contemporary worship is inescapable, it seems. But traditionalists complain that contemporary worship songs lack depth. Here are some practical tips to ensure your contemporary worship services provide a substantial and satisfying worship experience.

The Items on the Seder Plate

One of the great things about the Jewish holiday of Passover (or Pesach, in Hebrew) is the many images, items, and symbols associated with it. There is, of course, the matzah, the unleavened bread made of white flour and water. There is also the image of the Red Sea being split, as the Jewish people walk through to safety and freedom.

Worship By The Fear of Lord – Part 2

We are picking up from Part 1 where we spoke the fundamentals of the fear of the Lord and what it’s all about and in this article we finish it off. So the “fear of the Lord,” is a phrase of the Old Testament which show piety, of which piety means (reverence for or devotion), meaning reverential trust, with hatred of evil.

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