Drove Over 12 Hours After Her Husband Got Baptized. Ex Prisoner Free

Three Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re a Christian

I was talking to someone on the Internet the other day through e-mail and I found myself asking them the same questions that I have asked others to think about. That’s when it dawned on me that I should make this list available to everyone who is either involved in Christianity or is thinking about becoming a Christian.

The Straight and Narrow Way Includes Only One Kingdom System

“Rather, I make myself guilty if I rebuild the old system I already tore down” (Gal. 2:18). Christ has already torn down the old law system on my behalf. So, I really have no business revisiting it to rebuild what he tore down for any good sounding reason whatsoever!

The Straight and Narrow Way Equals Rich Eternal Blessing

When we discover the everlasting quality of the straight and narrow way in Christ, and the better hope that is revealed therein, we can then start to see that God’s real truth is indeed there in his straight and narrow way! This is why our Lord and his disciples were so firm and adamant in this requirement to stay there and not go straying off into something else that would never take us to our eternal destiny in Heaven. Our Lord put it in place to protect his church and to keep it safe from the enemy here below. When we leave this to go straying back along the route of the old we leave this blessed pathway and we fall from his matchless grace (Gal.. 5:4; Heb. 10:15, 29).

The Identity of the Antichrist and Final Super Power

Even though the fascination with the identity of the Antichrist has been a major aspect of bible prophecy for hundreds of years, the twentieth and twenty first century has witnessed more focus on the end time Antichrist debate more than any other time primarily because the rise of the internet has created more exposure and access to information related to the development of the new world order than at any other time in history. The “New World Order” known in Latin as “Novus Ordo Seclorum” is a term that is a prominent theme in the imagery on …

Is the Economic Meltdown Necessary to Clear the Way For a New Era?

This article asks the question is the economic meltdown necessary to clear the way for a new era to emerge? There are four main challenges, ecological and economic meltdown, social division and psychological alienation. These challenges cannot be solved within the dominant consciousness. The collapse of the economy creates a space for a massive wave of change that can be seized upon by a third cultural grouping whose values and consciousness would be equal to the four challenges that we must all face.

The Masks We Wear

Why is it that so may people wear masks in Church? Are there any real people left in Church nowadays? Who are the real Christians?

Knowing God and Hearing God’s Voice

In many of the Christian websites and discussion boards, the most discussed topic remains to be ‘how to know and share words with God’. It doesn’t make a big difference whether you go to church daily or not, the thing that matters most is – ‘how deeply you find yourself involved and bear the ability to hear God’s voice and share an association with Him’.

Power and the End Days Church

Power is something that we all have been used to living with. For electrical power to reach the out most homes we use a booster, for as the electricity flows further from its source of origin it gets weaker, the same thing happens to water pressure. This is the way of transferring power from one source to another.

Harmonizing the Tripartite Soul

It is a hard truth for human pride to swallow, but here in the level of illusion where we spend the great majority of our lives, there is really no soul at all. There are only the broken and scattered remnants, dispersed like the Tablets that were shattered by Moses in the story of the golden calf. The inner spiritual work that is symbolically called "Returning to the Promised Land" (among many other names in many traditions) begins with putting the soul back together again.

How to Pray

Jesus uses the word but to teach his followers important lessons on prayer.Β  He begins, when you pray do not be like the hypocrites. The word hypocrite denotes someone who is putting on a show, wearing a mask, or playing a role.

Who Do You Want to Be?

Are you easily frustrated and always thinking you are not where you are supposed to be? Whether it relates to your career, family, relationships or any aspect of your life? The following talks about different ways to view where you are truly at.

Divorce – The Dissolving of the Covenant of Marriage – As Many As Five Lies in One Action

The author describes non-Scriptural divorce as involving at least one of five different lies in one action. Giving advise as to why divorce has become so common in America, and what can be done to change that, both as as individuals and as a people.

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