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Miracle Healing and Christian Spirituality


Miracle Healing and Christian Spirituality

Many Nigerians developed the concept of a spiritual election after converting to Christianity in the mid-1970s. This response was called “Satanic Diversion of the Black Race”. Olukoya argues that Christianity is a traditional African religion that was abandoned in favor of idolatry, a universal sin. Hence, the concept of a spiritual election is very relevant in the Nigerian context. But how do we know that our spiritual election is in fact legitimate?

The Bible mentions many instances of miraculous healing. The Twelve disciples, for instance, healed people with the power of the Holy Spirit. The apostles also raised the dead, cast out demons, and fed 5,000 people with a boy’s lunch. According to the Bible, church leaders are required to pray for sick people and do the same. This is described in the Book of Acts. Moreover, the book of Matthew gives us some of the most famous examples of healing.

The Christian religion, Wagner argued, is a multifaceted discursive community. It thrives on contrast, tension, and conflict. Its militant ethos often opposes reasoned debate and the rule of consensus in our political life. Wagner argues that this is a crucial aspect of Christianity, and that it requires a radical “cosmological” shift to engage with the spiritual Real and salvation. The question of the purpose of a church is a fundamental one.

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