Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 15 – Giving God Glory in the Gift

The gift of prophecy, we’ve got to remember is a gift from God. Sometimes we can be carried away that it’s our gift, that we’re someone important and someone powerful, it’s our gift. One time I was walking along the street and I was depressed and a friend of mine said, “What’s the matter?” and I said, “I can’t prophesy.” I started to cry, I said, “I can’t prophesy,” and my friend said it was his fault.

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 13 – Dealing With Shut Downs

In the prophetic, for many years, save one time, every time I’ve delivered a prophetic word the person listened to the prophetic word and was most often happy that I had approached them and shared a prophetic word. Then a time came where the Lord sort of increased my anointing a little bit and people started to say no, they didn’t want to hear the prophetic word.

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 12 – The 100% Anointing

What is the 100% anointing? I’ve read in one of Todd Bentley’s books or watching his video or sometime I’ve read it that he had a day where everyone he saw, he could tell something about prophetically. He could get a Word of Knowledge on every single person he saw and I have to say that when I read that or heard that on YouTube, I’d already experienced that in my life a number of times and it’s very good to be able to go through a city and know something about every single person walking past you.

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 11 – Wanting More of God

It’s an amazing thing to start on the prophetic journey; to start in the realm of the prophetic and starting to move in prophetic evangelism. As you move in prophetic evangelism and start to give tens and twenties and hundreds of messages out, your heart starts to incline further and further towards God.

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 10 – Words of Knowledge With Groups

One of my favorite pastimes/experiences is to approach a group of youth or a group of people and say, ” I’ve got a gift, like a party gift. How’d you like me to tell you one good thing about each of your personalities, one great character trait each of you’ve got?” Most often they say yes. So, I start with the first one and the Lord will give me a character trait, like honesty and I say that you’re so honest, such and, such and such, and such. I’ll explain the character trait and go on to the next person.

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 9 – Practice Makes Perfect

I find that the longer that I’ve operated in the prophetic, the more experience I’ve had and the greater ability to discern words of knowledge and true prophetic words. I’ve found that greater my confidence has been to be able to walk up to a total stranger and deliver a prophetic word. Even if a stranger doesn’t seem to receive the prophetic word like you think they should, I’ve grown to be able to shrug that off and say, “That’s just a spirit or their own personality doing that that. It’s nothing to do with the prophetic word that I delivered.”

Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 8 – Increasing Divine Appointments

As you move in the prophetic and you move in divine appointments, and get more and more appointments, and have more and more successful prophetic engagements and encounters with strangers, you’ll come to love the prophetic and moving in the prophetic and being used by God to minister to total strangers. There may come a point where you want to increase your divine encounters and your divine appointments. How do you do that?

How to Facilitate Church Growth

The church is a living organ that comprises of group of believers having the same faith coming together for a particular purpose. In this article, I will be sharing some ways to stimulate church growth.

The Big Questions: Religion

Is our Christian religion really the right religion? Human societies have believed in hundreds of religions, some current, many extinct. Humans have worshiped literally thousands of deities over a hundred thousand or some odd years. All religions, and all deities, can’t all be true. Perhaps none are. Regardless, religion has a lot to answer for.

A National Sunday Law Conspiracy Revealed in Daniel 11

The national Sunday law is often dismissed as the product of speculation by Sunday advocates. They often dismiss this major concern of Sabbath keepers by suggesting that the Sabbath is abolished. But the prophecy of Daniel 11 could well be the antidote to silence their gainsayings once and for all.

Third Fatima Secret

I’ve been reading other blogs about the 3rd Fatima Secret update. I’m amazed that no one is writing about all the syncronistic signs that occurred up to a few years ago. The relationship between all the dates which included the number 13 is truly astounding.

Intriguing Bible Study on Revelation 13 Gives a Shocking Explanation of the Mark of the Beast

The subject of the mark of the beast has been the victim of many speculations over the years. But the reason why people speculate and conjecture about this subject so often is simply because they are ignoring the 4 cardinal principles of interpretation that must always be applied in any Bible study on Revelations.

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