The Fruit of the Spirit – Faithfulness

It is soothing knowing someone who is faithful. We can rely on their word and trust it. A faithful Person also relies on their word and will do everything possible to perform it.

The Fruit of the Spirit – Gentleness

This is an article about the fruit of the Spirit-Gentleness. A gentle word or touch can make a World of difference, even if a problem exist that gentle word or touch sure will make us feel better.

Ascended Master Melchizedek Warns of the Transcendence Energy Shifts in 2011

There is a current mass awakening of people to live a more spiritual life, which is in conflict with the few who want to control the masses. 2011 is a time approaching ascension, with much energy change. Ascended master Melchizedek has communicated how the energy changes will affect us, so that we are prepared.

The Big Questions: Origins and Ultimate Questions

Who are we; where did we come from; what is my purpose in life; why is there something rather than nothing, etc. has probably been pondered by most of us at one time or another. One universal blanket answer is God (or in earlier times, the gods). A rival answer is that the abstract concept of Mother Nature can equally explain all, even if sometimes in the negative – the Universe and you have no ultimate purpose. It, you and I just are.

Archangel Metatron Tells Us The Meaning of Life, Belief, and Our Relationship With God

What you are about to read is a conversation I had with Archangels, courtesy of my wife, Jill, who is an Avatara; a person chosen by the Godhead, to receive and deliver messages for the benefit of mankind. The Angelic Realm use telepathy to contact and communicate with people. We had just had a conversation with Joseph of Arimathea, and we asked him what our purpose in life was, as human beings.

The Fruit of the Spirit – Goodness

Jesus said to call no one good for there is only one who is good and He is God. However, we are beneficence, which means we have a quality of doing well, which comes by the Holy Spirit.

The Scroll of Revelation, 18 – Return of the Prophets of God

Some prophets are false. Some are merely immature, growing, learning. But others, in baseball terms, are “no-doubters.” The two men that shall represent the Word of God to a falling world in the very end of days, two forerunners of the return of Christ, will leave no doubt as to their origin. Nevertheless they will be soundly rejected.

Why We Should Use The KJV Bible

KJV bible is the most trusted English version of the original version. There are some good reasons to use this version of bible against any other version.

The Gospel of Judas: Putting Square Pegs In Round Holes

It may appear strange to hear or read for the first time what I describe as the gospel of Judas. We all know or have heard about the man called Judas. The Bible described him as a traitor; the one who betrayed his master Jesus, and sold Him out to the Jews for a paltry sum. As ugly and nauseating as the story of Judas is, no one expected that he would have a hand in the writing of the gospel. Therefore, the “gospel of Judas” so-called is the shocking discovery of how love for one another and service are sacrificed on the altar of economic value.

When You Lose God It Is Not God Who Gets Lost

I do not get it. What is going on? Is mankind really blind? I have heard recently and now too many times that the Catholic Bible is mans only way to heaven. I do not get it. Jesus never spoke of the holy bible as a way to get to heaven. Did he?

Part I: Business IS Missions

I have the privilege of introducing to you a burgeoning movement in the missions arena. But first we have to get back to basics.

The Scroll of Revelation, 13 – The Gentiles Enter The Kingdom

The Book is clear: Jews and Gentiles alike are in God’s plan for His Church and His Kingdom. Here’s how it all comes together, in the incredible chapter seven of Revelation.

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