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Tithing Binds Many Christians, Why?

Why are so many Christians bound by tithing? A tithe means one-tenth. It is not sacred, merely a tenth. Why do people refuse to study the Bible to see God’s truth on this subject? They insist it is today’s biblical standard. Nevertheless, that is an intellectual exercise because the average giving is less than five percent.

The Paralysis of Fear

The more you focus on a hurt or mishap, the worse you feel and the more you consider yourself victimized. Fear and despair enters in and in the blink of an eye you are drawn away from the peace and love of the Lord.

What Are the Signs of the End Times According to the Holy Bible? Are We in the End Times?

People have been saying that we are in the end times, for a long time. Is there any proof that we are in the end times now?

Tasawwuf: The Soul of Islam

Tasawwuf is the mystical dimension of Islam. It talks about purification of one’s heart. Practicing Tasawwuf clears one’s heart from lust, calamities of the tongue, anger, malice, jealousy, love of the world, love of fame, niggardliness, greed, ostentation, vanity, deception, etc.

Why the Resurrection of Jesus Is Important?

Jesus resurrected from the dead on the third day so that we can have the atonement for our sins. Jesus resurrection means he has overcome all kinds of weaknesses including the final enemy, death.

Towards a Jewish Hezbollah?

Probably not! Despite the High Court majority ruling last week that the “Tal law” (allowing permanent exemption from army service for Haredim) was unconstitutional and could not be extended, there will not be a sudden influx of draftees, tzitzits (prayer tassels) swinging in the wind, being inducted into the IDF anytime soon. Or ever!

Absolutely Free, He Paid It All – $1 Billion!

“…Freely ye have received, freely give…” This statement has been on my mind for almost a day before I started writing this piece. Jesus said this to the disciples in Matthew 10:8 while sending them to preach, saying the kingdom of God is at hand. Jesus said it rightly when he said freely ye have received. Because, to start with, how much did the disciples pay to be enrolled into the school of discipleship to be taught to become apostles? No, How much did they pay to receive the power to “…Bring health to the sick, Raise the dead, Touch the untouchables, Kick out the demons…”? The master I am sure, also fed them for free, gave them free accommodation, free tuition, free impartation, free, free, free… Everything was free for them! Therefore Jesus was right to tell them “…Freely ye have received, freely give…”

Praying With Trust

Prayer is an active response when problems arise. While putting prayer into action, the believer will need to place full trust in God Almighty.

The Real Superman

We all need heroes. Superman is a popular fictional hero. Is there a real Superman?

The Proper Place for Anger

Anger is a very strong emotion. Is it always wrong or is it ever justifiable?

Why Jesus Died on the Cross?

Jesus came to earth and die for the sins of the people of the whole world so that we can receive redemption of sins through him. Jesus’ blood can cleanse us from all kinds of unrighteousness and diseases.

Amazing Forgiveness!

Many high ranking people and celebrities learn how to cope with their detractors – some, it must be said, more successfully than others. So how should they react? Well, that’s for them to decide isn’t it? Should they aim to protect their position and perhaps a carefully groomed identity, for all they’re worth? Should they express their loss of popularity in moody outbursts, or as if they had not a care in the world?

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