Guidelines For Bible Or Religious Lesson Teaching in All Settings

No matter what their ages are, students need to be drawn to the charisma of the instructors, at the same time to get to the core of the lesson itself. The Holy Spirit demands peace but not chaos, so here are the tips for all Christian teachers, especially for those who teach Bible/Theology/ RS.

Running From Tribulations 2009

If there is one thing I have learned from the book of Job, it is that tribulations will come. No matter what you do, no matter how righteous you live, no matter how careful you are, no matter how hard you run, sooner or later, the ominous net of suffering will swoop down upon you and drag you off to a world of tribulations.

Praise God, He Prospers Us!

This is an article written to inspire the reader to praise, thank God and share with the poor when we experience prosperity. Examples of biblical characters who refused to praise, thank God and share their prosperity with the poor and the consequences they suffered from God are explained.

Daily Devotion – Do it For God

Serving God is not limited on being part of the ministry, being a preacher, being an evangelist etc. Serving God is about dedicating everything that you do for Him. On our everyday lives, we individually have our own schedules and things to work on. Sometimes we view our work as something done for our own selves.

Thirsty For Life?

Are you Thirsty? The scripture says: “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.” – Isaiah 55:1 What does this mean? What are ‘the waters’? How do I know if I’m thirsty? Is it good to be Thirsty?

Be Careful, There Are Many Deceivers Amongst Believers

We have to be careful in this day and age who and what we follow. There are many deceivers amongst believers.

Kippahs – Origins of This Jewish Custom

The Jewish Kippah is often thought of as being a requirement in the Jewish community. This however is very much so not the case. The Kippah is often worn as a sense of pride of being Jewish, it says the statement that I am a proud Jewish male and I attempt to live every day for God.

The Jewish Kippah Clearly Explained

A Jewish kippah is the skull cap worn by most Jewish people. As the small type hat that goes right on the top of the head and serves as a reminder that God is the authority above us.

God So Loved the World

One night Jesus was asked by a man named Nicodemus about the kingdom of God. While the question led to a discussion about being born of water and the spirit, Jesus goes on to tell Nicodemus about God’s offer to the world of giving His Son.

The Worst German Victory In World War II

Germany lost World War II militarily but won it philosophically. This article shows how German existentialism, nihilism and barbarism have triumphed in the west. World War II was a civil war in Europe between modern and postmodern philosophy.

Out of Orthodoxy – Why This Former Orthodox Rabbi Will Officiate at Interfaith Marriages

Many might ask, even accuse, how can I, a rabbi, who once was Orthodox, who served an Orthodox congregation, and at the helm of Orthodox educational institutions, be willing, nay eager, to help interfaith couples and (co)officiate at their weddings? Let me open with a family story.

Jesus As an Idea Can Be the Genie Sitting on Your Shoulder As the Perfect Guide

As someone who deliberately avoided anything to do with religions and the ideas they propagated once I graduated from Catholic school, my disassociation was permanent. Decades later however, I have come to realize that Jesus was the greatest self aware human that ever walked the planet. He was as close to His god-self as can be and He arrived here to let us know what we had forever misunderstood. Imagine sitting with Him and getting the real scoop on all the questions you might have, including the fundamental pieces of knowledge to have life be a paradise on earth. Just imagine!

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