Of Korean Crosses

Bob contemplates the meaning of the cross in the two Koreas. The contrast between North and South Korea is startling.

Vacation Bible School Materials Relating to the Lamb

About a year ago I taught a children’s class the story of the Bible using a book called The Lamb. I found this approach intriguing and excellent for teaching children.

Just How Important is Chronological Bible Study?

Whether we’ve grown up in church, or have recently become believers, we’re taught the well known Bible stories and their morals, but often not the overall story of the Bible. Important parts are being left out of the most important story of all time. How do all these good stories connect?

False Christianity

The Corinthians were engaged in worldly thinking and outright sin — all in the name of Christianity! He told them that they were proud of the success that their church enjoyed — it’s wealth and political power — because they were worldly minded and unfaithful to Christ. Their pride in their church was an expression of their faithlessness and their misunderstanding of the gospel.

Evangelism Children – Unafraid and Unashamed

A six-year-old boy, in a country where Christianity is prohibited, became a Christian and wanted to share Jesus with his teacher. He took a Bible and a video that talked about Jesus to school with him in his backpack, and when he could, he asked his teacher if she wanted to know about Jesus.

What the Bible Says About Debt Part 2

The ancient advice found in the Bible provides the modern reader valuable advise about how to get out of debt. It is important to remember that God’s Word says more about money and debt solutions then it says about Heaven and Hell combined! While modern authors have written scores of books on these important topics it is a wise person who has “ears to hear” what God says about debt.

The Lamb’s Message Used For Vacation Bible School Materials

The Lamb is a book about the history of the world we live in, how it came to be here, and how we fit into it. It talks about angels, children and adults, rules, laws, a rescue plan, and of course, lambs, or in particular, the Lamb.

Catholic Marriage and Church Teaching

Most people would agree that marriage is a foundational element in any society. Today there are serious debates in a number of American states over what does and does not constitute a marriage. One religious institution – the Roman Catholic Church – has been involved with Catholic marriage preparation for over 2,000 years ago, and by looking at its views of marriage, one can gather a unique perspective on this important debate.

Age-Resistant Evangelism Tools!

It’s nearly impossible for someone who doesn’t know about God or the Bible to listen and instantly believe God’s salvation plan. It’s like asking them to trust a perfect stranger. Questions must be answered first.

Evangelism Tools That Never Wear Out Or Grow Old!

It’s startling to observe how many people don’t know anything about God or the Bible. How can we share God’s salvation plan if they don’t know Him, or why His Word is important?

Chronological Bible Study – The Whole Story

Have you ever skipped over parts of a story you were reading? I’m sure there have been times when everyone has skipped to the end to find out how the story ends, but didn’t it put a bit of a damper on reading the rest of the story? How confusing would it be if you skipped around in a book, or left parts out completely?

Moonies – God Will Show Solutions

As the 21st Century unfolds in its first decade, many have wondered, “What is the future of this world, with so many problems – including the threat of mass annihilation through war, pollution, global warming, world hunger, the nuclear threat and cultural decline?” Answers may come from a surprising place: the divine principle, taught by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and advanced by members of the unification church, derisively called, “the Moonies” over the years. These contributors to modern society prefer to be called, “unificationists.”

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