EVERYTHING Is About To Change In This World Just Like That!

Babylon and the Civil War (Scarlet Threads – Part Forty-Five)

Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. He and his government were fully recognized and approved of by the Pope of that day. Ever wondered why?

The Universe’s Koan

In Zen Buddhism, a meditative technique exists called the koan. A koan is a question, dialogue, or phrase given by the teacher to the student with the intent of frustrating and “short-circuiting” discursive thought. Because the koan cannot be understood rationally, it must recede and allow intuition to apprehend the meaning. Koans are designed so that dualistic and nihilistic interpretations are deliberately incorrect. The solution then is not a verbal response, but a state of mind that is reflected through the student’s entire way of being. This shift is evidence of the student’s eventual grasping of the true eloquence of the koan.

Prelude to the Great War (Scarlet Threads – Part Forty-Seven)

Wars and rumors of wars. World War I surfaces in the early 20th century. A close look at it reveals that this is more of a holy war than a political one. Will Rome or Orthodoxy rule the day?

Tips to Take Back What the Devil Stole From Us

Genesis 14:16 reminds us to be alert and prepared to fight the enemy. We have to be aggressive, rather than passive, on a daily basis. We have to take back what the devil stole from us. In order to take things back, or to avoid them being taken in the first place, we have to be able to identify the weaknesses in ourselves that even allow the devil a way in.

The Lincoln Affair (Scarlet Threads – Part Forty-Four)

Conspiracy theories. Don’t you hate them? I challenge you, though, to read this one and to research it further. What was behind Lincoln’s assassination?

Rome and the First World War

Religion is a more powerful factor in world politics than most want to admit. Take World War I for example.

Rome Loses Temporal Power (Scarlet Threads – Part Forty-Two)

Kingdom now. It’s a misunderstood concept, but very prevalent. It is the idea that Christians need to grab their inheritance on this side of the Millennium. And that inheritance includes lots of land. Not a new idea to the Babylonians, but oh were they ever disappointed in 1870…

Cycle the Sabbatical

As a student of psychology and meditation, it is easy to overemphasize state of mind. While it is true that if the mind is controlled, it will experience no turbulence in relation to external circumstances. It is tempting to purposefully “descend into hell” to pursue a more rigorous spiritual practice, if the intended goal is to run off karma through renunciation and austerities. Spending time in this fashion can allow a readjustment of one’s baseline, or the tolerance before equanimity is affected. This is good, but knowing when it is enough is equally auspicious. Cycle the mountains and the city, the sabbatical and engagement. Until they both are one, pay attention to the signs that it’s time to alternate roles and environments.

Babylon in North America (Scarlet Threads – Part Forty-One)

The Babylonian religion now centered in Italy made huge attempts to control the newly discovered world of the West. As always when dealing with this entity, much was done in the name of Jesus, and for His Kingdom. Much was purely political, and military.

The Assyrians Of Our Time

Assyrians is one of the nations that oppress other nations in the Old Testament. The word Assyrians today depicts a totally different thing all together. Here, I would not write anything in the historical aspect of how the old Assyrians invades kingdoms and oppress other nations. Today, I will dwell much on the face of new world Assyrians because we do not fight other nations as in the case of Old Testament people. The Assyrians of our time ranges from (a) Money – Get rich quick syndrome. (b) Power – our Political/Business worlds, (c) The Proliferation of Churches and expansion of the existing ones, (d) Poverty versus Poor Upbringing, (e) Non-challant Parents, (f) Nudity/Life of debauchery, Peer Pressure and so on.

Revelations From Rome and Her Daughters (Scarlet Threads – Part Forty)

Coming out of Rome has been a long process. Only with great difficulty has the Christian church laid aside the layers of false teaching that were heaped up for centuries. She still has a ways to go.

What Does It Take to Be a Christian? Part 2

Commission because discovering Jesus unleashes an uncontrollable hunger to bring to others the good news, the wonders of our discovery; it becomes a need bigger than any other need. And if we say that we are in Christ yet we shame in His name, and we keep our conviction a secret, there is no true conversion in us.

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