Why and How to Wear a Tallit

There is a special meaning in wearing a tallit – The Jewish religion has many traditions such as wearing a Tallit or Tallit katan. This article covers the subject throughout.

What Will and Won’t Be in Heaven?

Heaven is the eternal destination of all believers. I often consider the things that will and won’t be in heaven. There won’t be any sin, sorrow, heartbreak, disappointments, or even tears in heaven. There won’t be any temptations. There won’t even be any sin at all.

America’s Newspapers in the Cross Hairs

As you are well aware we are now well into the final years of printed daily news. Most all newspapers are losing money, laying off staff, reporters and management. The quality of the news is deteriorating and almost any print news you pick up is jammed with AP filler, fluff or opinion based diatribes. That’s just not news. Still, when a small local paper goes out of print the community is left without a voice.

Learning From All – Even a Thief!

Many people are of the opinion that there are some who we should simply stay away from – that there is nothing we can learn from them. Perhaps – we might even say – they have it all wrong. Immediately our defense mechanisms kick into gear and we don’t want to hear another thing about the person or subject concerned.

The Condition For Man To Have Eternal Life

The LORD GOD is unequivocal and unambiguous. Whatever He says stands for ever. Jesus Christ says: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Matthew 24:35. The condition for Adam to remain in the Garden of Eden in Paradise remains the same condition man has to fulfill to enter into the Kingdom of GOD.

Portals of Evil – Opening and Closing Them Are Your Good Intentions Opening the Wrong Doorways?

Each year thousands of lives are injured or shattered by inadvertently opening supernatural portals of evil and destruction. Almost always these invisible doors are unlocked by people who have good intentions but are looking for answers in the wrong places. How does this happen? Are there things that we or family members have done that have invited negative forces into our home?

Should St Patrick’s Day Remain Secular Or Should the Celebrations Be Confined to Christians?

Some Christian leaders say only Christians should celebrate St Patrick’s Day, and celebrations should be limited to churches. How will such statements affect the secular status of the event? Should St Patrick’s day celebrations be limited to Christians, or should it be a secular event?

In God We Trust

In the United States, the familiar motto “In God We Trust” has been a part of our heritage and culture through the centuries. It is a statement that reflects the roots of our country and portrays our family core values of God and Country that should be cherished and always defended.

Do You Have Any Great Church Fundraising Ideas?

Do you know any really good church fundraising ideas? Or have you got a great church fundraiser that is so hot that you think other people should hear about it? You could share your idea with church groups all around the world.

The Day of Small Beginnings

The reason why we think overnight success stories exist in our society is because we’re not privy to the blood, sweat, and tears that goes on behind the scenes before that multi-million dollar company goes public, the famous actor gets his big break, or before the world renowned evangelist becomes, well…world renowned. Have you become discouraged with the progress, or lack thereof, from your entrepreneurial pursuits? Never despise the day of small beginnings, but rather embrace them, as they are the foundation for your future success!

Covenants in the Old Testament

There are a considerable number of covenants in the Old Testament, including covenants between God and people as well as between individual people and groups of people. One might include on a list of important Old Testament covenants the covenant between God and Noah, the covenant between God and Abraham among many others. However, two of the covenants in the Old Testament stand out as more important than others and become a much larger part of later religious beliefs. These are the covenant between God and the people at Sinai and God’s covenant with David.

A Cappella Singing – Why Do Some Churches Not Use Instruments in Worship?

One of the things people most frequently notice about churches of Christ is that we sing without the use of mechanical instruments of music — a cappella singing is the only music used in our worship. The New Testament leaves instrumental music out, therefore, we believe it right and safe to leave it out, too. If we used the mechanical instrument we would have to do so without New Testament authority. There are only 8 verses in the New Testament on the subject of music in worship. The mechanical instrument of music is conspicuously absent in these passages.

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