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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

Christianity has been a religion of mission. Missionary work involves speaking the gospel in a foreign language. Acts 2:13 records 3,000 people being saved in one day through the ministry of tongues. People speak in their native language or dialect to share the good news. This is called a missionary gift.

The gift of healing is especially powerful in Christianity. Jesus healed many people during his ministry, and his healing power is present in the sacraments. The Eucharist, or the bread which brings eternal life, is one of the most powerful healing sacraments. In this act of remembrance, Jesus Christ is physically present.

The charismatic third wave emerged from a core group of evangelicals. The Vineyard Movement is the product of their ideas. They grew out of the controversial Fuller’s School of Missions course. Its members included George Otis, Charles Kraft, and Ted Haggard. The movement has been influential, spanning denominational lines and the bitter divisions between Pentecostalism and mainstream evangelicalism.

After Christi’s resurrection, the apostles spread the gospel and healed many people. They performed miracles and exorcised demonic spirits. These healings were documented in the books of Acts and Matthew.

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