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5 Tips to Build a Happy Marriage According to the Bible

These 5 Simple steps will help you strengthen your relationship. Marriage life should be happy and fun filled. But for many it is a nightmare. But you can overcome the burden and turn it into a pleasure.

Psalm 78 – Historic Instruction of Israel

Parables teach us if we listen in enough to learn. Jesus used parables to sort the true learner from the proud religious. We can and should learn a lot from history; we should carry this history forward as it has been carried forward to us. We can learn something from any message, any sermon, any lecture. When we drink with an insatiable thirst in our learning, seeking God every way we can, blessing, not just knowledge, is our gain.

Apostolic Reform: Stewardship Confirms and Teaches the Prophetic Path Where Hope Abides

Many people quote from the bible but fail to provide direction for faith that reveals the prophetic path (voice of God). Would you know the voice of God if you heard it? God gives man hope through apostolic reform.

The German Buddhist Pioneer Nyanaponika Mahathera

Nyanaponika Mahathera was a German Buddhist pioneer who became a monk in Sri Lanka. He was one of the founders of the Buddhist Publication Society, a charity serving people in over 80 countries. Nyanaponika wrote several influential works on Theravada Buddhism and Buddhist meditation and published translation of classical Buddhist texts into German and English, thus fostering the spread of Buddhism in the West.

Fatal Attraction

Question: What does Halacha (Jewish Law) permit Jewish women to have a maximum of 3 times? Answer: Husbands (deceased). Just when you thought that there could be no more requirements of Jewish Religious Laws, restricting the rights of women, which you didn’t know about, a new one emerges. Well, the law itself is not new, but it’s existence remained known to very few, I would say the very unfortunate few, to whom it applied.

Love and the Irrelevancy of Division

There is no divine or human reason to set up, or maintain, divisions. As the LORD is a Threefold Community of One, we too are made to enjoy community as one. Division is the concept of the flesh; union in the concept of the Spirit.

Don’t Read This If You Want to Stay The Same

Do you want a change in your life, or do you want to stay the same as you are? I have found out that a lot of people want change but don’t know where to begin.

Worship – What Is It?

The concept of worship is very prevalent throughout religion in general. The word is derived from the Old English worthscipe, meaning worthiness or worth-ship – that is; to give, at its simplest, worth to something.

Restoration and Redemption

Restoring old homes and living the Christian life have some things in common. They both take a lot of work.

Three Critical Success Factors For Godly Leaders

Who is a Godly leader? A follower of Jesus who has surrendered to His call on her life qualifies. God has many missions that He wants His children to complete daily. He calls us continually to do them. When we answer His call to work with Him on these missions, we become His spiritual leaders, alone or in groups.

Sometimes God Has Good Things Planned for You – When You Think You Are Abandoned

I was at boy scouts last night and heard a very interesting story. A parent told me that she moved to El Paso a several months back due to hard ship while she was in Arizona. She lost her job, her house, and all means of taking care of herself and her children.

The Ultimate Word Picture

Sight is our most dependable sense. We want to see God. Because of Jesus, we can.

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