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The Death of Faith and the Rise of Rational Thought

An informal look at the rise of atheism in the UK and US from the perspective of an atheist. I look into the notion of ‘faith’ and display an alternative view of this ‘virtue’, as well as displaying the issues it causes within a society.

God Does Not Forgive But Punishes Severely

The idea that God is a loving forgiving entity is totally false. The New Testament has promoted a completely different picture of the Divine to that in the Old Testament. Far from the picture most have the retribution of God is being felt throughout the world as we approach the end times.

Exposed: The Son of Perdition And That Man of Sin Who Sits As God In The Temple Of God

For almost 2,000 years the conspiracy that Constantine put in place has fooled the world and brought it to the end of the day. For 4,000 years the people of the Spirit have remained linked to it in some way but the road has been rocky and painful. Now they will get their reward.

Jesus Christ Is Not a Historical Figure

Despite the passion and excitement that Jesus Christ brings to people this was never a historical figure but rather the made up Saviour that served Constantine’s lust for power and control. The layers of written works piled over the conspiracy to defraud by members of his organisation cracks have exposed it as possibly the greatest crime ever.

God, Give Us Fathers

Where are the fathers of the church in our generation? Why has church leadership evolved into younger and younger men, and even women? This article is an appeal for godly older men to come back and take their places!

Our Faith Sustains Us Through Good Times and Bad

Things aren’t as drab as they appear to be! Our faith will cause us to see things from a different perspective if we will only believe. You can make it with the confidence in your inner being that is inspired by our Faith in God.

The Rats Of Yodok

A labor camp in North Korea. 6,000 people there that I call family. Who will help?

God Has Sent Them Strong Delusion So They Believe a Lie – 11 Thessalonians 2:11

The Children of Israel have nothing to do with the Jews who are of the House of Judah and yet Jesus Christ is nominated as their saviour. The inheritance of eternal life was passed through Joseph to his sons and the delusion God has allowed was to test their loyalty to the Spirit even through death. Those who remained strong are now reaping their rewards.

Jesus And Fathering

Jesus said to call no man “father” on earth. Did He really mean “no man”?

Who, Exactly, Are Going to Heaven?

Heaven has been a greatly debated issue since Jesus ascended into the skies after his resurrection from the dead. The Holy Bible teaches what we should know about preparing on earth to enter heaven after we die and are resurrected in the likeness of Jesus. The Bible also teaches about hell, and distinctly states that a lot more of God’s children will end-up going to hell, than to heaven. There are some religions, like the Mormons, who popularly claim that there is really no hell to worry about, and that all of mankind who are basically good will inherit a degree of heaven exceedingly better than earthly mortality. Yet, the Mormons also believe, and assert, that they are the only ones going to “the” heaven, where God the Father and Jesus Christ dwell. There are some churches, like the Mormon Church and the congregational Church of Christ, who insist that a person has to be baptized in water to accept Jesus’ Gospel and to get to heaven. Is this true? Read on for a definitive treatise on getting to heaven.

Who Are The Angels of God?

The Spirit has its messengers and they are the people through whom it speaks but they are not angels. They are the channels that have knowledge and power to relay the will of the Divine and through which it speaks. Far from supernatural they are people like anyone else.

Have I Done Enough?

Large numbers of people have the idea that an afterlife of joy and bliss with God depends on them having done enough to get by. There is little doubt that this of the utmost importance – but just what does it take to be accepted? And how would we ever know, in this life, if we had done enough? Must we wait with growing anxiety to find out, or is there a way to give us calm confidence?

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