Fasting Day 3

Defining the Essence of Christianity


While it is difficult to chronicle the efforts at defining the essence of christianity without noting diversity within unity, it should be noted that early members of this faith tradition insisted on a single final truth and a sole way to salvation. As time passed and the faith tradition evolved, it became necessary for those expressing this faith to reject other gods and other ways. In time, definitions of the essence of Christianity began to include statements about what it is to be human as well.

Jesus gave a training on how to cast out demons. In most instances, He did not speak to the demons he cast out but simply grabbed hold of them and cast them out. Only once did he engage in an extended conversation with a demon. He was able to cast out demons because of the strength of his faith.

There are many stories of miracle healing in the Bible but the common denominator is the faith of the person being healed. In fact, it is stated in the Bible that no one can heal unless they have faith. Jesus himself based his miracles on the faith of those He healed.

It is sad that some of the church today does not understand the power and authority that God has given to His people in this realm. Some of the teaching on deliverance in the church today is downright dangerous. This is in direct violation of 1 Thessalonians 5:21 which states that we must examine everything carefully and hold on to what is good and put away what is evil.

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