Fasting is the Key to Being on Fire for God

Reasons Why People Need to Join a Prayer Team

“In Jerusalem alone, the people are very devout when it comes to their prayer life and their communion with God… “

How to Post a Prayer Online

Posting prayers online has now become a very common practice to many people all over the world. Our world has changed because of the internet.

Facts About Israel – History, Culture and Religion

Religion is very important and has played a vital role in shaping their culture. It is an aspect that infiltrates their choices and lifestyle and is a big part in the history of Israel. Many of Israel’s citizens are Jewish. In 2011, the statistics of the breakdown of the people practicing a religion in Israel were:

The Thought-Life Sanctuary

The absolute pivoting centre of a Christian’s life is their heart sacrosanct and owned by God – a heart kept with all vigilance, through which acts of all kinds of obedience spring (Proverbs 4:23). From the heart, thoughts come. When the heart is appropriately founded upon and centred in Christ, there is a thought-life sanctuary created. Such a sanctuary is safety of solidarity and stability; a rich devotional life. From the heart, thoughts come, apportioned to their source.

The Unity Together In Community

The Acts 2 (vv. 42-47) Church – where followers of Christ had fellowship together with thankful and glad hearts – is a shining example of God’s vision for community. There is no better experience on earth than feeling thankful and glad with other people – where our perspectives align enough that we can enjoy each other in the experience of simply being alive together.

Post-Election Action: Ostrich or Outreach?

The election is over, and four years is a long time to wait for another chance to change the leadership of our country. Should Christians bury their heads in the sand or extend hearts and hands to those who are hopeless and hurting? Fortunately for all of us, the answer for this nation is not a political leader. Our hope lies in God and in His people becoming holy as He is holy. His help is available now. As the Holy Spirit enables our obedience to what seem like impossible standards, God blesses and moves and shows Himself off in such a way that others will know He is God. All of a sudden, others have a chance to see a Real Savior and the government is no longer the only tangible solution to the world’s hurts and needs. That’s when real change will have a chance.

What If the Devil Didn’t Exist? Part I

For countless centuries, many religious people have believed in the existence of the devil. According to them, we live in a world where the devil apparently rules our lives, decides our fate, and steers us into the wrong direction. But let me ask, what if the devil didn’t exist? Then what?

12 Signs Your Church Needs an Intentional Interim Pastor

Any church entering the transition between permanent pastors should pay careful and prayer attention to these danger signs. If not, the leadership team might utter five very dangerous words. If these words become a mantra the leaders could unwittingly inflict serious damage on the church that take years to repair.

Salvation In A Nutshell

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared FOR THEM THAT LOVE HIM” – II Corinthians 2:9. Note that they are “prepared for them that LOVE HIM”.

The True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is supposedly the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In our day this is very popular and it is associated with beautiful music, beautiful decorations, and religious zeal and of course, last but not least, with commercial zest.

Revelation of One God!

I got it! I know it beyond the shadow of a doubt, and I know it is a revelation from God! Why do I know this? Because it is so clear once God reveals it! It’s right before our eyes all through the Word of God. No one could possibly miss it, yet millions cannot see.

The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Who could tell the greatest lie? The answer is simple, the father of all lies who isย none other than Satan himself (John 8:44).

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