Fear God over Man

Judging God

Every day we choose to eat from one of two trees – the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil or the Tree of Life. The chief characteristic of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is judgmentalism. The first judgment the serpent managed to get Eve to make was one about God.

A City of Refuge

Churches are meant to be ‘safe-zones’, places of grace where people can go and be free from abuse, criticism and rejection. This is wonderfully depicted by the cities of refuge in the Old Testament.

Tithing Under the New Covenant – Part 1

Is tithing required under the New Covenant? Is it the pathway to financial prosperity? These are questions discussed in this article.

Forgiven – Knowing it and Feeling It

Since the beginning of time mankind has struggled to know how to deal with the feeling of guilt. Guilt is from an old English word gylt meaning failure.

Who Will Barack Obama’s Deborah Be?

In our days, something that is more than a coincidence is happening to the most popular democracy in the world. The United States of America has just elected a new President- Barack Hussein Obama, as the 44th President.

Why Do We Judge?

Judging and criticising others have become acceptable sins. But why do we do it?

Pessach – You Da Man!

One might wonder why what is likely to be the most widely observed Jewish holiday is called Pessach (Passover) when just about every reference to the holiday throughout the Jewish Bible calls the holiday Chag HaMatzot (literally the Holiday of the Matzahs). Why do we need two names for the holiday when one name could clearly do us just fine?

Christ-Dependent Christianity

‘Flesh’ is the New Testament term that refers to man as he is apart from God. The unbeliever is in the flesh. He or she is born that way.

The Ancient Mysteries Used by Jesus to Perform Miracles

Humans simply are not developed enough to be able to do miracles. It is the combining of genes that takes place before birth that sets limitations on what we can do to create our own reality. There are no limitations to creating our own reality when we leave the earth plane; earth is the only plane we will progress through where we are caught in matter and have this limitation imposed on us.

Righteousness by Faith

What is righteousness by faith and is it possible to stand righteously before God? To understand this mystery of the Christian faith we need to understand what the righteousness of God by faith is and how it is attainable. We know that God is righteous, so to be righteous a person needs to be like God.

Rejecting Rejection

The emotional soil our roots are planted in has a bearing on our entire lives. God designed that we should receive love, care and protection in the family. As a child is born into a family it is totally defenseless, and dependable on the family that surrounds it. It is during the formative years of its life that it will receive its identity message.

The Believer’s Sonship of God – A Spiritual Reality

God expects the believers to know, believe and live and act as His Sons, like Jesus did and brought Him glory and honour from the earth. He wants us to live and act in that status or capacity, displaying both the lives and authority/power of the Sons of God, like Jesus. God cannot physically come to earth to show the world His nature or life, His authority or power, etc. It is His “Sons” that should do that. They are the ones that should stand in His gate to answer or stand against His enemies.

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