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Miracle Healing and Christian Evangelism


Miracle Healing and Christian Evangelism

There are many people who have been exposed to Christianity enough times to develop an immunity to it. This is usually due to anti-Christian propaganda that circulates in the media and in certain intellectual circles. It is much harder to reach people who are formed under these circumstances than those who have never heard of Jesus or are merely receptive to Christian ideas. In order to combat this, many people have tried to make their religions sound as secular and anti-intellectual as possible.

During the 1970s, many Nigerians turned to Christian religion and developed the theme of spiritual election. Olukoya wrote a book entitled “Satanic Diversion of the Black Race” in response to a question about the origins of Christianity. In his book, Olukoya defined Christianity as a religion that originated from Africa, which was discarded in favour of idolatry, a universal sin.

Christians in charismatic movements focus on evangelism, conversion, and perseverance in the faith of those saved. They know they are engaged in an epic end-times battle against demonic forces, who hold the sovereignty of entire nations and seek to thwart the evangelization of the world. If we are to save the world from its demonic forces, we must confront the reality of the satanic powers and their machinations.

Christian people should pray for a renewed outpouring of the Holy Spirit every day. The church should not be smug about the fact that its followers are not practicing their faith. They should ask for the gift of healing and all the graces necessary to exercise it effectively. Christians should also ask for humility and purity of heart, as well as boundless faith in the Lord. It would also be beneficial to ask for holy boldness and a renewed outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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