“Feast on the table prepared for me” Worship at 5F Church

Do You Think the Owner Was Fair in Parable of the Workers Hired in the Eleventh Hour?

The parable of the Eleventh Is ill understood; indeed, when taken literally, it gives an impression that the end justifies the means. That is not what Christ meant so, please let us focus on what it was all about and see what we can draw from it.

A Fresh and Personally Encouraging Look at the Parable of the Lost Sheep

When I first read the parable of the lost sheep, my first reaction was to admonish the shepherd for his limited economics: how could you possibly abandon 99 sheep and go after just one wayward sheep! Read on and find out what I discovered.

The Hidden Wisdom of Jesus’ Teachings and Why He Taught Like He Did in Parables

Christ was a great teacher. He did not just intend to teach; he intended to be understood as well. I shall focus purely on his method of teaching for effect In this article. I shall also focus on the impact of his teachings to us today.

Durga Puja in West Bengal

Durga Puja is biggest festival of West Bengal India. Earlier the festival was celebrated in Bengal but now it is celebrated not only in all parts of India, but in other countries too.

Saint Pancratius and Saint Tarcisius

Kids and some teenagers love to read comics and texts with pictures. From the cartoon’s page on newspapers, to comics spiels, Archie mini books, and Star Wars prints – kids and teenagers seek intelligent fun. Don’t underestimate their abilities, some of them even like to read about superheroes (Batman), saints (St.Therese, St. Lorenzo Ruiz), and good leaders (the story of David and Goliath, Martin Luther King).

The Act of Contrition: On Dying

There is no denial to death. It will come like a thief in the night. And when this happens, one must be ready to meet the Father God and leave love ones on earth for a while.

The Role Women Play in Christian Society

Women have different roles to play in the Christian society. Like their male counterparts, their contributions are necessary for the growth and for the proper functioning of the Christian society.

What Does Eating Meat Have to Do With Religion?

The issue of having to eat or not to eat meat by certain religions has been a major source of disagreement by their followers. It has also made some religions to see themselves as the ones approved of God; while others are looked down upon as inferior.

Proverbs 25 – Kingship and Conflict

Something we haven’t seen a lot of as yet in Proverbs – certainly in one tight and neat collection – is the appearance of the comparative proverb. We’ve seen plenty of the contrastive proverbs earlier, but not these that help us see images of likeness that fortify our understanding in almost familial comparison.

The 7 Most Popular Misconceptions About The Sunday Law Issue

There are manifold misconceptions about the Sunday national law among Sabbath keeping and non-Sabbath keepers alike. But among the many misconceptions that prevail on this end-time issue 7 stands out.

LDS Mission Packing List

Are you preparing for a mission or getting ready to send one of your own children on a mission? When you get your mission call you are given a lot of information concerning your mission. Included will be a packing list of things that you are required to bring with you. You will be living out of a suitcase for two years, so you have to pack light. Here are a few extra things to considering bringing with you that will probably come in handy.

Proverbs 24 – Justice in Relationships (Sayings of the Wise)

The “wicked” are never to be envied, only fled from. These are those plotting violence and setting out for trouble. Alternatively, when we embrace Wisdom, making her sweet to our souls, we will know a “future hope” – our hope won’t be “cut off” like the wicked person’s hope will.

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