Filled with Awe when God Delivers him from a Demonic spirit

Is Halloween Evil?

Halloween is idolatrous. From the origin to the activities and the customs. It has to do with souls of the dead, (ghosts), masks, tricks, magic, darkness, drunkenness and lasciviousness.

Making Small Groups Ministry Work

Some churches have failed to recognize and use the dynamic of small groups. Others have taken the opposite extreme and gone “all small groups.” It’s not either/or, but both/and.

Revival on a West Virginia Mountaintop

The year was 1956. Spiritual deadness seemed to cover the land. A Baptist Church at Mt. Cove, in Fayette County, West Virginia was struggling. Its survival was in doubt. An elderly minister, Rev. William Fain, was invited to hold a revival meeting at the church. The elders of the church told the man of God that they felt that he could bring the church out of its decline. He responded by saying, “It may be so far down that it will take God to bring it out.”

How Do You Spot a Future Church Leader?

When we look for those we would like to develop as leaders in our church, we can be drawn to the obvious heavy lifters such as those who seem to be natural leaders, or those who have a lot of personal charisma. Yet the qualities which can help sustain an institution over time have little to do with personality.

Christian Leadership Training in Small Groups

Small groups provide the perfect environment for Christian leadership training. This article shows why.

Grace Groups

What are Grace Groups? They are Christian identity groups, i.e. groups of believers who grow together as they learn more of their identity in Christ through grace bible studies.

Discipleship in Small Groups

God’s plan for the Church has not changed in 2,000 years – “Make disciples!” Making disciples is not a matter of quality vs quantity. If we have quality, quantity will follow.

Leading a New Christians Group

Who should be leading a new Christians group? The answer may surprise you.

Why Be a Song Leader When You Can Be a Worship Leader?

When you asked to be a worship leader, some people think that you are simply a song leader, singing and playing as a preliminary to the main act in church of preaching. Yet I would encourage you with the thought that, when you are asked to be a worship leader, you should actually be a worship leader, not just a support act to the main event!

The Color Blind Love For One Another

Recently it was discovered through the book “Game Change” by journalists John Heileman and Mark Holperin, that Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid, look favorably at Obama’s chances of becoming President because the then Presidential Candidate Obama, was of “Light skinned appearance with no negro dialect”. For years we look at civil right leaders and politicians to pass laws and new policies to address and resolve the painful issue of racism.

How to Lead Worship That Captures Hearts and Inspires!

Learning how to lead worship that inspires and captures the hearts of your listeners is no easy task, even for experienced praise and worship leaders! Having over 20 years experience in praise and worship leading, or should I more accurately say, “having 20 years experience in learning how to lead worship,” I recognize that even the most experienced among us are still learning the craft, and that is part of the great attraction of learning how to lead worship that is effective and inspirational.

The Truth About Worship Conferences

How many times have you been to worship conferences, been inspired by some truly great praise and worship leaders, yet come home to your local church only to discover that you still do not know how to lead worship effectively? Worship conferences are great, but every time I have attended them (and I have been to scores of worship conferences in the last two decades) I have never really come away with new, exciting and effective tools I can use in my own church.

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