Firehouse Just Received A Check For $100,000.00 Caught On Video

The Scroll of Revelation, 20. The Beast, the Man of Sin, the Antichrist

Got it figured out yet? I mean, this antichrist thing? Gotta be Obama right? Or George Bush? That guy in Iran whose name we cannot pronounce? Look again. He’s hiding in plain sight in your Bible and world history…

The Scroll of Revelation, 19 – Israel and the Church Overcome Satan

“Mary, Queen of Heaven” gets her start in this passage. But the imagery was meant to represent all of Israel, not just one Jewish woman. Israel and the church she founded will ever be hated by Satan. But to no avail. She is loved much greater than she is hated.

Would Christians and Atheists Eat Pork, Sausage, Bacon and Ham If They Knew It Was Killing Them?

Eating pig products such as sausage, ham and bacon is disabling millions of people with Arthritis and skin complaints. Have you ever wondered why Christians eat from the pig, yet seem unconcerned about their health, and fly in the face of God over this? Even though it is written clearly on two occasions in The Bible that swine is unclean, Christians seem to think it is OK to eat pig; but why? Let the Pork Police enlighten you.

Why Christian Ministries Are An Integral Part Of Society

Christian ministries are an integral part of society, and they are considered to be one of the reasons why our society right now still sustains its humane nature. Christian ministries often come into the picture whenever there is poverty and suffering anywhere in the world.

Angels Bridge the Gap

In the history of the world, there have always been great gaps, separators which isolate one land mass from another. As a result of these natural boundary lines, countries have been formed; ethnic cultures have developed; physical and social separation were created.

A Fun Feast of Tabernacles Activity

The Feast of Tabernacles is a time of great joy. If you are having a a special dinner or other get-together for the Feast, here’s a way to assure that you’re conversation doesn’t get stuck in the mud and have a lot of fun and inspiration along the way.

Jana, Goddess of Doorways and Seeing

Jana is an Italian Goddess, worshiped in some Strega traditions as Moon Goddess. She has also other roles.

Skadi, the Goddess of Shadows, Injuries, Pain and Casualties

An ice giantess become a Goddess. Read about the Norse Skadi, the Goddess of all damages, from physical to juridic, from hunting to sports.

Does God Exist? It’s Not So Hard To Understand

Many people use many excuses to keep from receiving God into their lives. One of these excuses, for example, is to say they have a problem with understanding who God is, or whether or not He exists at all. Some will say they cannot understand the concept of the Trinity, or that God has no beginning and no end. Whether God exists may not be as hard a question to understand as one might think.

What Are We Marketing – A Gospel or A Good, Merciful and Personal God

Some time ago, I read a business story about a sales meeting that took place at a company which reminded me of how we are marketing our Christian Gospel. Marketing the Gospel? Yes, that’s what we do when we spread the Gospel message. But what are we marketing – a Gospel or a good, merciful and personal God who is ready to save us and give us peace in our lives.

A Former Orthodox Jew’s Take on a Rapper’s Conversion to the Faith

The first time I read the recent article in the New York Times about the rapper Shyne’s conversion to Orthodox Judaism I tried to perceive it as any ordinary non-Jew would: an interesting story about a Gangsta rapper who got in trouble and underwent a religious transformation in prison. During the second reading, however, I sought to view it from the lens of the next generation of Orthodox Jewish children in America, and what they will be subjected to by the forces of religious propaganda in the Yeshiva system.

Catholics and Devils

Yahoo recently posted a Reuter’s article titled, “Exorcists wanted: apply to Catholic Church,” which began with the lead, “Overwhelmed with requests for exorcists, U.S. Roman Catholic bishops are holding a special training workshop in Baltimore this weekend to teach clerics the esoteric rite, the Catholic News Service reported.” Exorcisms? An overwhelming demand? What’s next, overwhelming requests for clerics to cast out evil politicians?

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