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The Gifts of a Christian


The Gifts of a Christian

In the New Testament, baptism is a significant part of becoming a Christian. On the Day of Pentecost, Peter told the crowds to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, which leads to the gift of the Holy Spirit. In Acts 9, the apostle Ananias led Paul to Christ and baptized him. He then cried out in the name of Christ, and received the Holy Spirit.

A person who is skilled in languages may also be able to speak the gospel in foreign languages, which will open doors for personal growth. Some people have the ability to translate the Bible into a foreign language, enabling them to reach the nations. Besides, people who speak other languages are likely to be able to hear prophetic words.

There are several fundamental principles of Christianity. One is the need to share one’s life with others. The gospels emphasize that we should do good deeds to help others and to spread the gospel. Jesus commissioned his apostles to preach the kingdom of heaven and to heal the sick. They also were to cast out demons.

The apostle Paul is a good example of a person who has the ability to heal. He healed people through the power of his healing ministry. Although healing is a miracle, it is not a given. Those who have a gift of healing must believe in it to receive it.

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