Fist Service of 2022

Golden Agers

Are we neglecting the older generation? Getting older in life is a journey of change, especially as one enters the period known as the “Golden Age”.

Jeremiah Chapter 13 Explained – The Girdle That Is Good for Nothing

Humans cling to ideas born of the imagination as essential to survival. Even when things don’t work they pretend and make out that there are benefits to be derived from them.

They Shall Be Called by a New Name – Isaiah 62:2 Explained

The name of God has been with us for all time and some call on it and receive miracles of healing, visions and changed lives. Now it is to be known to the world in accordance with this prophecy.

The Restoration Of All Things II And The End Time Elijahs

We are asking ourselves the question, “What did Jesus mean when He said?” Matthew 17:11 (HCSB) 11 “Elijah is coming and will restore everything,” He replied.

The Blind Are Groping for Light at Midday – Isaiah 59-10 Explained

The Internet is allowing the building of Mount Zion and the truth to be published. It is the miracle of God that has bypassed the prejudice of religious backed organisations to make this possible. Explanations about what passages in the bible mean can now be given according to prophecies in the Old Testament.

Divorce Statistics, How Not to Be One (Part 2)

The key to achieving harmonious relationships, including marital, is to incorporate the principles outlined in the Word of God. Catapult your marriage to a level that you never dreamed possible as you continue to practice these directives.

Jeremiah 31 Verse 15 Explained – Rahel Weeping for Her Children

Rahel is not a person but it represents sun worship and the ancient religion of Babylon. The explanation is from the lessons learned when the Spirit took me back in time to understand the meaning behind it.

The Stumbling Block of the Old Testament

The religion of Constantine is part of the dark mountains that were meant to destroy those who are not of the Spirit. It was designed to put up a wall in front of their eyes so they could not see or go past it. That wall is being broken down as Mount Zion is built in the last days.

Constantine Invented Jesus Christ in Accordance With Prophecy

While he has managed to fool the world and to maintain his power for almost 2,000 years the work of Constantine is now being undone. This was meant to happen at this time and by a woman.

Evolution Will Never Understand What’s Wrong Without Genesis

The belief in an evolutionary process of life happening by accident followed by colossal numbers of genetic mutations interacting with natural selection over huge time-spans, in which the fittest life-forms survive, has become the leading world view in the West. Β· CONUNDRUM As it stands evolutionary belief has no need to worry about good or evil. But Charles Darwin still had a big dilemma that he worried about.

Old Testament Declares the New Testament Is a Fake Document Designed to Hide the Real God

There is no way that the Old and New Testaments are both right. One has to be fiction because of the enormous contrast between them. My research proved conclusively that a conspiracy was at work to produce the latter thanks to Emperor Constantine and his cohorts.

The Noise That Was Promised for The End Will Change the World

We are at that time now and the noise has started as people pick up on the identity of the beast of Revelation and what he did. The New Testament is part of the conspiracy he put in place to hide the real God.

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