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Satan And No-Fault Divorce

On one hand we have a law conceived by ruthless Communists and now prosecuted by greedy American lawyers. On the other hand we have our loving God.

How Did Jesus Share The Gospel in Evangelism?

In John chapter 4:7-26, we see an example of how Jesus talked with people about the gospel. Lets look at the four main points that summaries how Jesus took the Woman at the well through the gospel.

What Is the Gospel? A Brief Explanation

We need an atonement for our sins and only Jesus Christ can be that atonement. This article, written in the form of a tract, attempts to explain what is the gospel.

Orthodox Icons and Their Role in a Church’s Interior

The word “icon” comes from the Greek word “eikon” which is symbolic of the fact that God created man in His own image. Thus icons have always been a major part of Christianity and the Church. Orthodox icons represent painting and religious artwork commonly found in places of worship like eastern and Oriental Catholic Churches.

The Touch Of The Master

I happened to watch a small video called “The Touch of the Master”. In this video, the main character is a violin. It shows precisely the manufacturer designs the violin, it show the dream he has about the usage of this violin.

Every Occupant Of Hell Remembers Crossing Their Rubicon

Every man and woman in hell had a Rubicon moment in their lives. They had a last opportunity, a last phone call or a last conversation. It is the ‘worm that never dies’.

Christmas Sermons – The Best Sermons You Can Preach At Christmas

Christmas sermons are both the easiest and the hardest sermons to preach. They are easy to preach because there are so many topics you could write about, but they are hard to preach because it is hard to know which topics to choose!

How to Receive Answers to Your Prayers

To get your prayers answered you must first receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior according to Romans 10:9. Once saved, you can now enter the arena of prayer where God delights in answering your petitions.

The Mayan Prediction of 2012 and the Return of Christ

A 1,300-year-old Mayan inscription predicting the beginning of a new era on December 21, 2012, contains a number of similarities to the Bible’s prediction of the return of Christ. In fact, there are so many comparisons that clearly one borrowed from the other. This article shows the similarities and reveals which one borrowed from the other.

The Name Of Jesus Breaks Through

A couple of months ago, my pastor preached a message called, Have faith in the Name of Jesus. This message stayed with me all that following week and as I meditated on it, I asked the Lord why was that message impressed upon me as it was. He said that I needed to focus more on the name of Jesus because the name of Jesus breaks through everything that rises up against us to give us peace and the desires of our heart.

The Christian and a Workable Ethic

Does the Christian faith, or the church in its broadest setting, have a unifiable and workable answer for the great ethical questions of our time? Same-sex marriage is a good ‘for instance’. This is not a question of legality – and what is rightly or wrongly legislated – but a question of *approach* to protagonists. How are we to approach gays and lesbians, pro-abortionists, and convicted paedophiles (just three for-instances) regarding Christian spirituality?

The Wrong Message

It is time that we come clean. Whether it is out of fear that others may judge us, or out of a love for judging others, we have been reluctant to admit what we know all to well, but hate confessing: We know sin. And not in some vague, nobody’s perfect sort of way.

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