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The Charismatic Movement – The Spirit of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance


The Charismatic Movement – The Spirit of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance

The charismatic movement has swept the globe, invoking a spirit of spiritual warfare and evangelism that has been at the heart of Christian life for thousands of years. Currently, half a billion people worldwide follow this movement, which has revived a militant Christian subject. The power of prayer, the weapon of spiritual warfare, is a central element in Christian life. This is the praxis of redemptive evangelism.

The apostles, who claimed to be the only witnesses to Jesus, did not perform any miraculous acts. The apostles did not cure people by walking on water or feeding the 5,000. They only had the power to cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead. These miracles aimed to certify their legitimacy as messengers of God. Therefore, it was important for the apostles to distinguish them from false prophets and imposters who claimed to speak on behalf of God.

Charismatic Christians are driven to preach the Gospel to all people in every country. They are committed to evangelism, conversion, and persistence of the saved, but they are aware that they are locked in a fierce end-times battle with the demonic. Satan is real and satanic powers exist. They are threatening the evangelization of the world. Hence, they are battling Satan and the demonic forces.

The indigenous African people also embraced Christianity. They read the Bible and saw the miracles of God. They also believed that the power of God is greater than their own. This belief, accompanied by many experiences of miracles, resulted in conversions, protection and deliverance from attacks. It was at this point that indigenous churches were created. These churches were the precursors of the Pentecostal movements that have swept the continent.

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