FORTUNE teller gets delivered and more! Understanding the book of ACTS part 9

Creation of the Universe – Day Eight of God’s Creation

Giving of Life The Lord God created everything in six days and rested on the seventh day, but he did not impart life, by the giving of the Holy Ghost, until the eighth day of creation. (Genesis 2:4-7) How do we know this? By the other scriptures.

Understanding Change and the Future of the World – April Showers Bring May Flowers – Possible End

How many of you have heard that the year 2012 is the year the world will end? It seems that theme is very prolific today. Recently, many friends have expressed the pain and turmoil they have been experiencing as of late. They are struggling financially, emotionally and in their relationships.

How to Find a False Prophet Or False Prophetess in Sheep’s Clothing

False prophets are everywhere. You can find them in the church and out of the church. They could be in any church. They could be in the “New Age Movement.” Their “Articles of Faith” could be very Christian. Their program could look very Christian. Their attitude toward others could be very Christian. Many times they play on your emotions. They could appeal to your Christian values. They are very deceptive. They are good sales people. They are very “pushy.” Many times there is something about them that does not add up. Your first impression may be, “What is wrong with that?” or “That is great. Why didn’t I think of that?” This article gives you 14 trait of a false prophet or prophetess you need to be aware of that will enable you to escape their deception.

Churches in Chennai

There are many famous churches in Chennai City, Tamil Nadu, India. Here are some of the important Christian religious places of worship in Chennai.

Coming Out of Egypt (3)

God found in Moses a chosen vessel for the deliverance of the children of Israel from the land of Egypt. He said to Moses, “come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt.” Although Moses was no more excited about his divine mission at this point in time, maybe because of his earlier failed attempt or he never had a full understanding of that mission, But God felt he had prepared him enough and that it was time to go for the rescue mission.

Brother Bakht Singh of India – An Apostle of New Testament Churches in India

In the Forward of the book Prophetic Ministry, T. Austin Sparks mentioned about two brothers. One was used by God to plant assemblies of considerable spiritual depth all around China. What Sparks spoke of was Brother Watchman Nee. Another brother raised up many assemblies of New Testament character, bearing the testimony of the Lord according to the spiritual principles and example set in the Scriptures, in India. His influence extended beyond India and this brother was Brother Bakht Singh.

Saint Bernardine of Siena

To share with you the life of this electrifying Saint, we need to go back to the Tuscany of the 15th Century, puffed up by its ancient Etruscan history, and its involvement in the birth of Renaissance. As we walk through the narrow streets and glance at the age old walls that still surround Siena, we find ourselves in the 15th Century, our souls soaring.

Christian Committed Suicide After Learning That Energy Pollution is a Deadly Sin

I know, this story might sound a little exaggerated, but it actually made it to the local newspaper. The man (aged 25) was a hardworking, god-fearing man. I’m not going through the whole story. In the next 2 minutes you will learn what he found out.

The Truth About Angels

There are many common myths about angels, and even more questions. Do people become angels when they die? What do they look like?

Love Endures

Paul said that Christian love is more important than mysterious communication with God, even more important than translating the gospel into foreign languages. Why? Because apart from the primacy of Christian love, any translation of the gospel into a foreign tongue would be inadequate and inaccurate because the person doing the translating would lack the main ingredient of faithfulness — love.

Crime Victims and Spirituality

Making sense of crime and why it happens to us boggles the mind. We try to understand it from God’s point of view and frustrate ourselves. How can we get past feeling boggled?

Making the Bible Exciting and Interesting

The same problem that many people have with the Bible they also have with history. Many people find history boring, and the Bible is largely a history book. This disinterest is often due to how history is taught and the lack of associative application to one’s life.

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