Four Reasons Why You Should Fast

The Sunday Law: Is It Scriptural?

Despite the strong belief among Sabbath keepers that there will be a national Sunday law, there are still those both in and outside the Sabbatarian camp who does not believe that this is scriptural. The scriptural basis for a Sunday law anticipation will be examined in this article.

Atheists Reveal Their True Religion: Gliese 581 g

By now millions of people the world over have read the exiting news of the discovery of planet Gliese 581 g.Β  It’s exciting because it is the first time that an extra-solar planet has been found that orbits its host star within its so-called ‘Goldilocks zone’. As its name implies, any planet that orbits its sun within this zone is neither too hot or too cold to theoretically support life as we know it.

Is The Sunday Law A Myth?

Sabbath keepers are coming under fire for their peculiar expectation of a national Sunday law. Their detractors seem to believe that it’s all a hoax. They may violently disagree with the religious beliefs of Sabbath keepers. But in view of historical and recent developments around the world in favour of Sunday legislation, do they have agree with the Sabbath keepers to accept that at least the probability of a worldwide Sunday law is fully validated?

Defending the Reformation Regulative Principle – Or, Was Synagogue Worship Regulated By God’s Word?

The Second Commandment (like the First Commandment) is moral, and therefore of perpetual and universal obligation having been written upon the hearts of all men from the point of creation (i.e. God has written upon the hearts of all men not only that He alone is to be worshipped as is taught in the First Commandment, but also that He is to be worshipped only by those means which He has authorized as is taught in the Second Commandment). The Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW) is simply an articulation of the Second Commandment, and therefore is morally binding upon all people from the first man to the last. Since the RPW is a part of the moral law of God, it cannot be limited to the Ceremonial Law. To the contrary, tabernacle/temple worship, synagogue worship, and all public worship must be regulated by the Second Commandment/RPW.

What Does the Bible Say About the Church?

The Church of the Living God has a very important place in our world to fill. It is referred to in 1 Timothy 3:15 as “the pillar and ground of the truth.” As the pillar, it supports the truth. As the ground or foundation, it establishes the truth.

The Kingdom of God: 4 – The Kingdom Statements of Jesus

The Kingdom was central in Jesus’ focus. He did not deny Pilate’s suggestion that He is indeed a King. Here are several serious statements King Jesus made about His coming Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God: 3, Jesus Christ – The Kingdom Is Here!

Kingdoms are merely kings and their domains. The domain of Jesus is not “invisible”. It is real. There are men and women and children who in our day bow to king Jesus in just as real a fashion as people bowed to his ancestor King David. Here we summarize the stories of the Kingdom that He gave us.

The Kingdom of God: 1 Adam Through Saul

What a vast subject is the Kingdom of God. But it needs to be tackled. Jesus said to seek that Kingdom if we want all of our life to be what it ought to be.

The Kingdom of God: 2 – David, Solomon and the Suspended Kingdom

From its glorious heights to a long period of suspension comes the Kingdom of Israel, aka the Kingdom of God. In the interim, some major corrections, additions, subtractions.

The Father’s Love

The Lord who formed you does not want you to fear. He has redeemed you and called you by name; thou are His!

The Best Church Marketing Methods

Growing a church is hard work. The key, of course, is God, but He commanded us to go and tell everyone about Jesus Christ. But what are the best methods? Do flyers work better than tracts? Do radio ads work better than newspaper ads? How effective is a website over a phone book ad?

What Is Better Than A Church Fund Raiser?

Fund raisers are important in any ministry, but having a ministry that gets your message across to thousands, builds credibility for your church, establishes name recognition throughout your region, and is a fund raiser on top of everything else is much better. Our church began a ministry that did all of this with incredible results.

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