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Jesus Christ – His Genealogy (Part III – King David)

Part III of the discussion of Jesus’ genealogy picks up where the promise to Moses left off, several centuries earlier. It is a detailing of God’s reversal of King David’s determination to build a house for His God, supplanting it with His predetermined plan to build an eternal House, rooted in and with David’s name upon it-thus, and hereby establishing the King’s place in the Messianic line. Neither the King incumbent, nor his heir apparent grasped the either the gist, or, the scope of God’s plan.

Such a Sad Day – What a Beautiful Gift!

It’s hard when a loved one dies, it’s wrought with many emotions. But I had one loss that has forever changed my opinion of life and death. As personal as it is, I want to share it with you. Who knows, maybe it will make a believer out of you, too!

Jesus Christ – His Genealogy (Part II – The Seed)

Part II of this discussion of Jesus’ genealogical record goes back to the beginning, and looks at the promise as it was delivered first to Adam, then to Abraham and later to Moses. Officially, Adam being the first link in the chain of Jesus’ genealogy (Gen. 3:15), the next major link is Abraham.

Whom Do You Serve?

We do not serve The Almighty merely by clapping, singing and dancing in church. Neither will regular church attendance by itself suffice. To worship God and therefore to serve Him, our will must be in harmony with His Will. And this is reflected in our activities.

The Role of the Christian in Public Discourse

What is the role of the Christian in public discourse. In light of current events and the recent inclination to demonize rather than discuss opposing views in American life, what is the role of the Christian. I would submit that our role is the role that Jesus gave us; the role of peacemaker.

How to Feed God’s Hungry Children

OK, lets get right into it. Gods children are starving to death. Recently I began to think about children all over the world starving to death. I will admit at first I got mad.Then I became sad over this issue. This matter is still very much on my mind. Right now I am disgusted. This matter is still very much on my mind. I am going to try to explain the feasibility of attacking this issue.

Holy Workers

No person is voluntarily bad, but the bad becomes bad because of an evil disposition of the body, and some unexplained circumstances. The struggle for holiness is an unending task everybody must try to fulfill for the glory of God.

Is Atheism Scientific?

Discussion of the fallacies in rudimentary logic and narrow-mindedness of modern atheism. Pretending that “science” is somehow different than belief in God is an obvious lie. Just as scientists “believe” in black holes and invisible light based on mirrored evidence, much more so, the mirrored evidence of a Creator(s) is overwhelmingly self-evident.

The ACLJ and Israeli War Crimes – Who’s Imagining What?

A few days ago I received a mass e-mail from the ACLJ. For those that don’t get their daily dose of Christian talk radio, ACLJ stands for the American Center for Law and Justice.

Have Fun With Your Kids While Learning About God!

Kids love games! They like to be challenged and be creative. Have you thought of using game time to teach your kids about God? These ideas will help you use various games to teach Bible values to your kids.

Tabernacle Prayer – The Father’s Desire For Friends and Comrades

No other subject is given as much detail and attention in the Old Testament as the Tabernacle of Moses. This is no surprise when we realize that the Tabernacle is a revelation of the pathway into the very presence of God.

What If “Biblical Ecological Economics” is Redemptive?

Biblical Ecological Economics is a system of civil government God has given us to fulfill the “dominion principle” He gave us in Genesis 1:28. It has everything we need to have heaven on earth.

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