Gender Reveal We Got To See Who Was Prophetic In Firehouse

Noah and the Ark

They try to tell me that Noah’s ark is located at about 17,000 foot elevation on Mt. Ararat. They also try to imply it took 120 years to build the ark. Well, guess what I discovered…

Extra! Extra! Read All About it! Major Traffic Jam Caused by Good Shepherd!

How do you think this would “fly” in California? There is a major traffic jam on a major highway between San Diego and Los Angeles. The Good Shepherd decided to take His sheep across this highway during busy traffic. The traffic is piled up for miles. There are a few fender-benders but not much damage is done.

A Testament to Mary Magdalene

She, Mary Magdalene, is mentioned as accompanying Jesus on his journeys (Luke 8:2) and is listed in the Gospel of Matthew as being present at his crucifixion (27:56). In the Gospel of John, she is recorded as the first witness of Jesus’ resurrection (John 20:14-16); (Mark 16:9 later manuscripts).

Associating With a Man of God – A Muslim Pir

A Pir in Islamic lore is a man with superpowers which may or may not be manifest, but he is supposed to be a man of God. It is a title given to Sufi masters. In English the nearest word that is the equivalent of Pir is saint.

Extra! Extra! Read All About it! Tragic Accident Kills Santa Claus and His Reindeer!

How do you think people would respond if they saw this message in the morning news? It appears as though Santa and his reindeer were taking off from the North Pole when they lost power and slammed into the side of an iceberg. Evidence points to this being a terrorist attack against Christmas. The Government is making a full investigation to find out who was responsible for this tragedy. Be assured, the offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There are no survivors. Funeral arrangements are pending until further notice. Send your cards and gifts to Mrs. Claus and their Elves addressed to the North Pole. Have a Very Merry Humbug Christmas.

Freedom From Stupidity

Christian freedom is not unlimited freedom, but is dependent on the weaker brother. Christians must not engage their own freedoms if others will misunderstand or misinterpret our activity and get snagged in sin because of it.

How Can We Overcome Sin?

You serve The Almighty God, Creator of everything that exists, Who sustains all by His Will, The Holy Spirit. It is in His Will that you make it back home to Paradise and He has therefore equipped you with everything you need for the journey, every you need to overcome sin, but you must make use of what has been given to you. I will briefly talk on two of these.

Dwell on the Past – Worry About the Future – Miss Out on Living

In our society there has been an increasingly popular “spirituality” movement. Psychic readings, spiritual teachers and channeling abound. I believe the reason for this popularity is that we all want answers.

The Truth Will Make You Free – A Test to Find the Truth

In this age of mass media with spin doctors and the use of “weasel words” it is probably harder to find the truth than ever before. Add to this those who hide behind political correctness and it is increasingly difficult to arrive at the truth in anything. But in the Bible we find there is a test to separate truth from error.

The Last Day – The Carnal Church of Evil Desire

The carnal church does not believe in Jesus; for it the congregation where the desires of the flesh and mind reign. It is that congregation that ministers to the sinful desire of the mind.

Children’s Judaica – Get Your Kids Excited About Judaism!

When most people think of Judaica, they picture sterling silver menorahs, Kiddush cups, Seder plates, and books, books, books. Of course, all of these items fall under the Judaica umbrella, but it’s important to remember the Judaica products designed specifically for children! From toys to books and media to decorated Yarmulkes, children’s Judaica can be a great way to get young people excited about their religion.

Is it Too Hard to Be a Christian? Five Reasons Why Not

I have often heard it said by some that it is too hard to be a Christian. That you have to give up too much of the “good life” in order to follow Christ. But does the reality match this line of thought? Here are five good reasons from the Bible that show it is not that hard to be a Christian.

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