Dying to Find Life

In the not too distant past a young girl named Agnes wanted to know how she might serve God with her life. She knew she would not have peace and joy inside her heart until she understood her purpose. After working twenty years as a principal in India, she felt there was something else she was meant to do.

Biblical Prosperity and Financial Miracles

I have so many testimonies everywhere I go that I am bold about it but I am very careful to never manipulate anyone or to commercialize the anointing or to “sell Jesus.” That being said, I realized that faith comes by hearing the word and the word of our testimony so I must share my life story and anointing and truth.

God Works Through Healing in a Home Church

Home church is where healing can take place for every one. Healing is a gift from God. Healing is not a special gift for the New Testament people. God has been healing right from the beginning. In the Old Testament we see many incidents of miraculous healing. Prophets did the healings.

Exactly Why Would a Loving God Create Human Beings With the Means to Sin?

I was a short time ago involved in a discussion pertaining to the reason why God created man and why He formed people with the power to sin. I said that God created man (better: mankind) due to the fact He desired someone to love and somebody to love Him in turn.

Preparing For the Worship Service (Part II)

A life of consecration and spiritual devotion is a major key to a strong and consistent anointing in a worship and music minister’s life. The place of the word, worship and prayer are vital to be spirit filled and spirit led.

The Spirit in the Church Today – Part 17

The associations that Peter makes in this passage are very telling. He is reviewing for his Jewish brethren the astounding story of the entry of the Gentiles into the Kingdom. He clearly believes that what Cornelius received was the baptism of which Jesus prophesied, the same promise being fulfilled for the Gentiles as for the Jews.

The Spirit in the Church Today – Part 20

So far every book of the New Testament is filled with references to a supernatural lifestyle. Must be on the heart of God for us too.

Vedic Political System – Satyarth Prakash

It is evening time. In today’s assembly, in addition to the local people, many people from the nearby villages are attending. After submitting prayers, Satyapal started the today’s narration on the subject of Vedic Political system.

The Spirit in the Church Today, Part 19

A book known for its doctrinal content suddenly swings into experiential material. The apostle here gives no clue that all he is describing is to be temporary.

The Spirit in the Church Today, Part 18

What does it mean to “walk in the Spirit”? Can we really know what the Spirit wants from us?

Reading the Qur’an in English

To many people, the idea of reading the Qur’an in English might not sound like a controversial notion. After all, there are a number of readily available translations of the Islamic scripture. Why shouldn’t someone who is interested in learning more about Islam just pick one of these up at their local bookstore or library, and read it?

The Christian Heart – For Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven – Part I

Every man must read the word of God with a purposeful heart, intent upon finding a rational stability yet fully open to the unknown of spiritual mysteries. To do less, is to end up living in constant confusion, blind ignorance, or with a sense of spiritual failure. Holiness is not the way to Jesus, Jesus is the way to holiness.

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