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Standing Firm in Our Commitment to God

The bible teaches us salvation cannot be obtained on our own, but so often church leaders do not help the Christian understand God is looking for a commitment from us. Through His grace, we receive the power to overcome sin but we must stand firm in our desire to become righteous and devotion to the Lord.

Observations On Mother Teresa

There’s no concrete evidence to refute it, but it is reasonably certain that the diminutive Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu ever chased anyone from anywhere, unless and, as for washing feet and the rest of bodies, it’s also pretty certain that it was she who did the washing. Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity and spent most of her adult life tending to the needy in the Black Hole of Calcutta, now Kolkata, but came under criticism during her life and after her death primarily from a small clique of atheists, agnostics, and “progressives” who must have known better than the notoriously atheistic, agnostic, and “progressive” Nobel Prize Committee. The charges against her and her order were dredged up by such people as Christopher Hitchens, author of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything and trotskyite Tarik Ali and groups such as the Council of Secular Humanism…

Silent Clergy – No New Thing

Some wonder why Muslim clergy are silent in light of mosque controversy. Silent clergy are no new thing.

Unlearned Church Leaders Celebrate Easter

With all the knowledge that is available to people today by way of television, radio, bookstores, libraries, schools, and a number of other resources, why are so many church leaders so ignorant of what should be taught in the church. With just a little effort much of what is being taught in the church can be proven inaccurate, misleading, or just down right wrong.

John Adams Teaches Us How to Overcome

Today we are facing so many social, political and economic difficulties that many people wonder whether we will be able to overcome them. Questioning whether we are able to turn around a failing system is a pertinent question because, when honestly asked, it confronts reality. A message of hope, without a realistic solution which has the power to bring positive change, is worthless.

Marino Restrepo – A Catholic Conversion Story

Marino Restrepo is an international lay missionary who has been preaching the Gospel message and Church teaching around the world for over ten years now. Marino Restrepo works in full obedience to his Bishop and spiritual confessor and is in full communion with Christ’s vicar on earth in his message, an important sign of the Holy Spirit’s presence at work in him.

The Root Of All Human Problems

Someone once said, “The most used word in hell is I.” A friend once told me, “Everywhere I go ‘I’ spoil everything.” A skeptic once said: “I’m glad I don’t believe in eternal life. I wouldn’t want to live with myself forever.” To be centered in your self is to be in hell now. The symptoms of the self-centered are the same everywhere and they are these: “I am what I am because you are what you are. If you were different I would be different. It is all your fault.” The self-centered blame their problems on others. The self at the center is off-center and hence the recurring problems, individual and collective.

Seed and Harvest Principle

This article describes the seed and harvest principle using scripture to develop it in order to receive blessings. It discusses two dimensions of the seed and harvest principle from the spiritual and physical realms. The conclusion is learning to reap a 100 fold harvest into your life.

Jesus As Messiah of Levi

Those with a Christian upbringing are taught in bible school that Jesus was both a descendant of King David and the hoped for Jewish messiah. Despite many instances in the gospels of third-parties addressing Jesus as a son of David, Jesus himself rebukes that suggestion. This article presents in summary format the contrarian theory that Jesus in fact claimed to be the messiah of Levi.

The Cross, The Crescent, The Crystal and The Lion

The Red Cross symbol, as all of us are aware is used to identify non combatants in wartime. Although this was not always the case in the war of 1867 between Turkey and the Balkan states of Romania,Serbia and Montenegro. In that war it became a legitimate target.

How Does an Emotionally Abusive Relationship Come From Kindness?

An unintentional emotionally abusive relationship can easily result from unsolicited acts of kindness by ministers. Many people have had the experience of trying to help by doing something kind for someone…only to have the person react negatively.

666 and December 21, 2012

666 will be some sort of “barcode” placed on the head or hand. It could easily be an imbedded micro-chip that holds such information as your Social Security number, health records, and financial data, very much like, and probably in a more secure way, your Checking Account Debit Card.

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