God Answered Mother’s Prayers that her Daughter Would be Free

Harvest at Gate Beautiful (The Worship of Jesus Will Utterly Change the Face of the Earth)

A great harvest is waiting at the gate, and the Lord is especially passionate for this one; just as He longed to share Passover with His disciples before He was crucified. The very fullness of time is upon us, and Heaven’s reaping angels are ready and eager to release heavens power and gather the harvest from the four corners of the earth.

God Loves Restoration

This is an article about restoration. God is a restorer, the Bible calls Him a Restorer of life. Because He is a Restorer this should give us a hope in believing that not all is lost in spite of the damage we may have caused.

Humanity in the Form of Doom

Footsteps and bright colors filled the room along with a deathly heat radiating from the stove that stood two feet away. The smell of food and crying children strangled the little breeze the air conditioner managed to produce. Their dark skin completely draped with the colors of the sun, they came to pay their respect with prayer and laughter.

Vatican II and the New Rome (Scarlet Threads – Part Fifty-Nine)

The Holy Spirit is real. The movement worldwide of renewal and power really happened and is still happening. Many Catholics were truly touched by this fire. The question is, what was Rome’s response to it all?

Power Tactics of Babylon (Scarlet Threads – Part Fifty-Eight)

Has the Kingdom of God come to earth yet? Is there nothing that will change when Jesus comes? Is the nature of the Kingdom different now from what it shall be? Seems to me like these are the questions Rome has answered wrongly.

Has Rome Changed? (Scarlet Threads – Part Fifty-Six)

Does make-up change the face? Only for a little while. Wash the face and, well, you know. It seems that Romanism gets not only make-up but a complete facial in the twentieth century. But some things never change.

European Intrigue (Scarlet Threads – Part Fifty-Seven)

The out-workings of European history are certainly not accidental. Its present difficulties will cause it to continue to form and re-form, until it is in the exact position that Daniel and John foresaw so long ago. Can you guess what city will be leading it in its final phase?

Defining Christian Faith For A Non-Christian World

Christian faith has been the cornerstone for many believers’ lives for more than 2,000 years. In the days of the Roman Empire, and even later in the lives of Joan of Arc and John Hus, people have been willing to die for what they believe. Through all of the religion’s ups and downs, it has endured, not because of mighty armies or secular rule, but because of the belief that this world is not the final reward.

Retirement Isn’t Biblical

So, should a Christian retire?Β Although there are no biblical bases for retirement today, the Bible shows matured folks who moved from their main jobs and careers to other tasks God prepared for them. The Bible shows too, sometimes God tells us to prepare others to replace us to do His call. This succession planning recognizes two essential ingredients.

The Sikhs and the Hold of Hindu Beliefs

Guru Nanak founded the Sikh religionΒ  in the sixteenth century. It was supposed to be a religion that was expected to do away with the ills of Hindu society like the caste system, sati and discrimination against women. The Gurus preached against such ills of Hindu society.

Church Of God In Crisis – Are We Really Keeping Christ in the Center? – PART 2

Front and center I want to bring to your attention the following facts about the church symbol, the rain in the back ground and its representation: “The rain also serves as a challenge to the Church to keep Christ in the center of our worship and service… When something (or someone) in at the center, all eyes and attention are on that object.

What Is in a Name, and Does It Affect One’s Destiny?

According to the bible, there are a lot of things that can be associated with a name. They have special meanings that parents want to attach to their newborn child. From the name James which would mean “supplanter,” to the name Demian which means “To Tame”; names given to us have predestined meeting with their origin thus giving them meaning.

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