GOD CANNOT LIE | Evangelist Opeyemi Sermon

What Is The Occult?

The world’s fascination with the occult has greatly increased over the years. With the fascination of the unknown and quest to know more about the spirit world has caused many souls to seek out the practices of occult.

Does Vinegar Cosmically Mix With Oil?

Humans are a version of reactive chemical polarized substances. Some have ventured to say that we come from the same genetic source. Imagine these bipolar forces like spiral strands of the DNA sharing the same atom, which creates the PULSE by contracting and expanding, and which is both positive and negative in nature.

Mobile Phone Apps For Churches?

Should your church have a mobile phone App? Consider that there are 5.2 BILLION mobile phone users in the world right now. What if you could effortlessly send information or collect money from the thousands of people that live near your church?

Why We Judge and Why We Shouldn’t

One of our greatest human struggles in becoming the people of God, and as individuals becoming persons of God, is our propensity to judge people and situations. We know we shouldn’t judge, and yet we still do.

Avoid Religious Arguments

So it is essential that church leadership does not allow the church to be hijacked by strong-minded people. They do not have the spiritual qualities to lead the church nor the humility to submit to sound doctrine and should not be allowed dictate the church’s agenda. Therefore, pray for your leaders that they will be strong to defend the gospel and refute error, and be willing to rebuke those who cause division. If you are a leader, take fresh courage from these verses. If you are strong-minded and have the potential to cause division within a fellowship, be warned and decide to change.

Learning to Forgive

In almost every church service the Lord’s Prayer is recited. This is the prayer that Jesus taught us in the Bible, as stated in Matthew 6:9-13. Mathew 6:12 says, “And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” (KJV) Debts in this context are moral debts or sins. We are asking God to forgive our sins on the condition that we forgive those who have harmed us. How many people who recite this glorious prayer realize this? For myself, it took me a long time to truly come to terms with it.

Therapeutic Writing and Constructive Thinking

What you think about each day is evident in the life you live. Having a writing schedule helps me keep focused on constructive thinking.

The Book of Tobit in the Catholic Bible

The Book of Tobit is one of seven books in the Catholic Bible which not included in Protestant Bibles that follow the Old Testament canon promoted by Martin Luther. It was considered apochryphal by the Reformers despite the fact that it was in the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures, long before the time of Jesus Christ. One Hebrew fragment of the Book of Tobit and four Aramaic manuscripts were discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947.

The Tenth Plague

God is a cold-blooded, premeditated, serial killer. The Bible says so. With respect to that tenth plague inflicted upon ancient Egypt, death to the firstborn, there’s no wriggle room here. God did not delegate; no one else did the deed; it was no one else’s idea; God and God alone must bear 100% of the responsibility for His actions and the death of up to a fifth of the entire ancient Egyptian population. To add insult to injury, others celebrate those deaths via the Passover!

Oh No! Not Another Article on the Holocaust – Enough Already!

If that’s your reaction, it’s quite understandable.I simply feel obliged not to ignore the subject. You see, in Israel we recently commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day. Ceremonies of remembrance took place all over the country and, especially, in our capital, Jerusalem, where the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum is located.

What to Look for in Divine Truth

Geography and time has a great influence on what religion someone is likely to follow. This reflects on religion as well as human history.

Artistry of Creation

Faith is the evidence of things not seen. We have evidence of God, the Creator, who for now is “unseen”, all around us. His handiwork, His artistry, His creation surrounds us every day of our lives, proving His existence. We just need to see, and believe.

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