God Didn’t Tell You I Was Going To Be Killed. I Don’t Need Any More “Prophetic” Emails, Videos

Home Church Teaching on TV and Movies

The home church can effectively teach the effects of TV and movie watching. The kinds of movies and TV shows that are produced today have deteriorated in terms of right and wrong. The media seems to either dictate what the norm is or is taking from the prevalent culture to please them.

Home Church May Solve Unwanted Pregnancy For Future Generations

A 14-year-old will not get pregnant if raised by a home church. And we tell them to use condoms, try to be safe and you will not get pregnant, but we do not teach them to abstain until they have a responsible man to marry.

Love Jihad in India

We have heard of Jihad or holy war. It is one of the cardinal tenets of Islam and the word finds frequent mention in the Koran. In the olden days Jihad was mostly against infidels and non believers and involved the use of the sword.

Home Church Teaching on Financial Discipline

Every believer is blessed with all possible spiritual blessings. The home church can help them understand spiritual as well as financial blessing. People tend to misunderstand when you use the word blessing to mean unlimited wealth and riches. If God wants to give you unlimited wealth he has a purpose and plan.

Is This All There is?

Life is so much more than what we experience through our senses. Life is so much more than what we know. Only by moving beyond what we know with certainty do we expose new opportunities. By taking risks and stepping out on faith we make new discoveries and come to live life more fully.

Islam, Satan and Jerusalem – Revelation 16

By way of summarizing the allegories and facts from some of the previous chapters. This is what we know so far. The sixth angel loosed the four fallen angels of Islam which are imprisoned in the Great River Euphrates. These fallen angels amassed an army of 200 million soldiers. Then was Abaddon, The King of the bottomless pit loosed.

Elements of Powerful Praying – Part 2 – The Prayer

In “Elements of Powerful Praying – Part 1, the Person,” prayer was defined as a conversation with God. The who of prayer involves two parties: the righteous person praying and God Himself. God enjoys communicating with those who fear (have an awesome reverence for) Him, love and obey Him.

What’s the Point of Prayer If We Ask God to Do What He Wants Anyway?

As Christians, we are asked to pray. But what’s the point if we are always asking God to do His own will?

Christian VS Non-Christian – What’s the Difference?

It’s amazing to see that “professing” Christians and non-Christians have similar results in their marriage and finances. There should be a difference!

Home Church Will Help You Find Out Why You Keep Sinning

What are temptations? The purpose of any temptation is to make you sin. The word sin needs clarification. There are different kinds of sin and levels of sin. However, sin is still sin. Sin separates you from fellowship what God. Repentance brings you back to fellowship. Most Christians go through a cycle of sinning and repentance for along time. This is not healthy.

The Wicked Son

As a father and a teacher I cannot help but think about the concept of the wicked son in the Passover Hagada. (The Passover Haggadah is a text read by Jewish people at the beginning of Passover, a holiday which commemorates the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt.) Who is this wicked son?

Dispensational Delusions

Will true Christians vanish in a rapture? Will seven years of apocalyptic terror overtake those left behind? Will earth’s nations attack Israel at Armageddon? Bestselling books like Left Behind and popular apocalyptic movies predict such things.

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