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Liberal Vs Conservative Religion – Are There Any Good Guys?

Does Conservative religion help or hinder or just keep things the same? Is Liberal religion a good thing? Who is “right”? Is anyone?

The Resurgence of Faith

The faith centre within all individuals is now undergoing a resurgence as mankind are starting to ask for help. People are prepared to go outside of limited beliefs and perceptions that have been handed down from generation to generation.

What is Wrong With Idolatry Anyway?

Just what did Abram have in mind before he changed his name? Why did Abram smash the idols in his father’s shop to pieces one fine day? Is Idolatry good, bad, or indifferent?

The Evolution Theory of Translation – A Method of Examination For a Scientifically Correct Genesis

The Following Article is an Excerpt from the Introduction to “The Genesis Revelation,” by Teodoro Rivera. It is a comprehensive examination of the natural sciences and a theoretical approach to a more plausible argument for Creation Science that is grounded in the Ancient Hebrew and Greek Manuscripts.

The Universe and Planet Earth Were Created in Raysheeth, The First World Age

In the beginning: these three words are believed by many to be divinely inspired and are in reference to the exact moment that the Universe came into existence. It is the opening verse of Genesis: The First Book of Moses. The theme of the book establishes…

What is Lughnasadh?

Lughnasadh is celebrated during the years First Harvest (1st August) and is one of the greater Sabbats. This is the period to start reaping what we has been sown at the beginning of the year, to collect the first bloom of the harvest.

God, Reality and You!

What is God? Is God “real”? Is religion even a good thing?

The Early Christian Sect of Nazarenes As Ghost Dance Millenarian Movement

The term Ghost Dance is used by Anthropologists as a general term for what is also referred to as Millenarianism. A millenarian movement is one in which adherents believe firmly in an imminent transformation of society by a sudden radical apocalyptic change.

God’s Timetable

When you pray and petition God for something, how long are you supposed to wait? Is He going to answer? Could we take a quick peek at His timetable on this one?

Carnal Compassion!

Yet as an apple with a worm, we have a decaying nature, a nature which drives us to do things which most times we know are displeasing to God. And we often fall in this rut and get stuck doing things which make us miserable, just to gain a few minutes of pleasure.

Jesus Said There Would Be Trouble and Uncertainty in the World

It should come as no surprise that there is so much turmoil and uncertainty in the world today. Jesus said in John 16:33 that we would have tribulation in our lives, but He also declared that we should be of good cheer because He had overcome tribulation; yet many Christians seem to be unable to do that. Many Christians are facing tough situations right now and they don’t see any solution…. they don’t see how they can possibly enter into God’s rest; they can’t seem to have any hope.

Do You Need Deliverance From a Difficult Situation?

Certainly, somewhere in any number of congregations, someone needs deliverance from some sort of difficulty today. Pastors need to begin today to sincerely believe that nothing is impossible with God, and they need to stress that to their congregations.

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