God heals the paralyzed, there is nothing to big for Him! πŸ™Œ


What Is Christianity?

Christianity consists of a group of people who believe in the Bible and who worship their god through their church community. Christians are committed to following Christ’s teachings and living a moral life.

Christian beliefs include the belief that Jesus is the son of God and that he died for our sins. In addition, many Christians have a special relationship with Jesus called “the Holy Spirit,” who helps them live a moral life and encourages them in their faith.

Christians also believe that a day is coming when Jesus will return to earth and take all of his followers with him. The believers will be transformed into spiritual bodies and join Jesus in leading God’s kingdom on earth.

Deliverance, Casting Out Demons

The Bible tells us that people can be possessed by demons (evil spirits). In most cases, the afflicted person will renounce their evil spirit and ask for the Holy Spirit to be in their body.

There are also some very serious possessions that can only be healed through a major exorcism. This is only done when the afflicted person is totally obedient to the minister’s instructions.

Healing of the sick

The Church’s emphasis on healing the afflicted, through prayer and divine intervention, gives the church its reputation for miraculous healing. Some healings are immediate, while others are more gradual.

Most Christians who live in the world today are in Europe, but Christianity is expanding rapidly throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. There are now more than 800 million Christians in those areas, up from fewer than 9 million in 1910.

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